PayPal: We won't block Safari

PayPal, the electronic payment service owned by eBay Inc., has denied that it plans to tag Apple Inc.'s Safari as "unsafe" and block it from accessing the site.

"We have absolutely no intention of blocking current versions of any browsers, including Apple's Safari, from our website," a company spokeswoman said in an e-mail late Friday.

PayPal was reacting to reports of a research paper released the week before by Michael Barrett, the firm's chief information security officer, that said the payment service would ban browsers that lacked a way to block known or suspected phishing sites, and didn't support Extended Validation (EV) certificates.

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I personally won't create a paypal account after they screwed me around. It is a 3 year old issue at this time but I still won't create an account. I will pay via Paypal though sometimes. If and only if I don't need to create an account to do so.

If Safari is missing an option to make paypal more secure they should not hesitate! block safari on the spot, it would also turn the spotlight on Apple who will have hard time explaining why their "greatest browser ever made!" gets banned from paypal

Its not just Safari that does not have EV, IE6, Firefox 2.0 and Opera 9 do not have EV, it is also really only supported in Vista, as XP you have to turn fishing filter on.

PayPal are only really blocking unsafe browsers in the sense that there rendering engine are out of date.

(richardsim7 said @ #1)
Why would they anyway? :S


Because the previous article stated that PayPal would block any browser that didn't support Extended Validation (EV) certificates. Safari doesn't but IE7 does.

[sarcasm]What in the name of High School Football?!?!?!?!!? IE does something Safari cant....I must have misread something[/sarcasm]