PC maker creates massive PC-as-starship bridge system

Would you like to own a PC that makes you look like you are actually flying a starship rather than just doing some spreadsheet work? Then we have a system for you. The UK-based PC maker Scan is currently selling a PC rig called the Scan 3XS Swordfish that comes with a custom desk that not only contains the PC but also holds three 24 inch Dell monitors .

The specs of the PC itself are clearly made for performance. It has two Intel Xeon X5650 Hex Core processors (normally used for high end servers) that have a total of 24 cores. The processors are overclocked to 4 Ghz with a custom water cooling system. The Swordfish also comes with 32 GB of 1600MHz memory from Corsair.

The system contains two EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 graphics cards, a three TB hard drive and two OCZ Tech Vertex 3 solid state drives, each with 120 GB of storage. The audio comes from a Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card

While the page for the Swordfish doesn't mention a price, the MCV UK website reports that Scan is selling the system in the UK for £21,000, which is just under $34,000.

Image via Scan

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Thanks for writing about this system!

From a rough estimate, the mark-up on this thing is at least 200%.

The specs are a joke, tbh.

X5650 is so 2010...And two 120GB SSDs? Come on...at this price, this thing needs a bunch of these for a total space of at least 1TB.

You are just paying for the package. Having said that, it takes up a lot of (physical) space without offering that much storage really. It's an extreme price for a high-end custom-made system which needs to be upgraded to justify the cost.

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nice..and off subject - what is with the little half inch ads popping up over the pictures in these articles..damn annoying.

sava700 said,
nice..and off subject - what is with the little half inch ads popping up over the pictures in these articles..damn annoying.

what ads....oh nvm...thanks adblock +

SirEvan said,

what ads....oh nvm...thanks adblock +

Don't you mean that you love Neowin so much that you subscribed and don't get ads anymore?

If it's 2x Hex Core processors, it'll be 12 cores, not 24. Although with HT it will have 24 available threads.

rpsgc said,
It's ugly and obscenely overpriced.

Fine then! I'll build my own desk.... with Blackjack, and hookers! In fact, forget the Blackjack... and the hookers.... ah, forget the whole thing.

The only nice parts of this are the cpu and the desk (empty)
the rest of the system could be done for a couple of thousand prob.
the solid states should be at least 512gb, not budget 120gb models.

I'd say the mark up on this is at least 1000% not 200%.

GreenSmudge said,
Can anyone tell me what motherboard would take these two processors?

They are using the EVGA SR-2 motherboard. It runs XEON's from 2009-2010. This system is actually quite behind. It would be better if they used the new 2012 E5 XEON's with an SR-X board.

I could build a faster, 4 SLI nVidia 680, 4 monitors, dual cpu motherboard i7 extreme, 32GB of RAM. 6 x 4TB hdd, watercooled, etc. for less than $10,000.

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