PC makers to adopt chips used in MacBook Air

Processors specially developed by Intel for Apple's new MacBook Air laptop will soon be used by other PC vendors in systems, possibly creating competition for what Apple calls the world's lightest and thinnest notebook. Two PC makers will use the miniaturized Intel Core 2 Duo processors used by Apple in MacBook Air, said a source familiar with Intel's plans. Systems powered by the chips will be released soon, the source said.

The companies' names weren't revealed, but the chip could bring smaller and lighter notebooks that could compete in size and performance with the ultra-thin MacBook Air, which weighs 3 pounds (1.3 kilograms) and measures 0.16 inches (0.4 centimeters) at its thinnest part and 0.76 inches (1.93 cms) at its thickest part

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Hopefully they won't overheat like the MBA (or turn off one core) and have a bloody replacable battery.
And proper connectivity. And wireless that works properly.

At last! Why have people been carrying around these plastic, cheap and nasty heavy suitcase wind tunnels for so long?

It's not CPU power, or a 200Gb HDD or 2 Gb RAM, or bloatware O/S (Vista, Mac or Linux ). Most people would choose a light, sleek, well finished device, that has a reasonable battery life. Why is it Apple were able to see the light, when all other laptop maker have been churning out all these nasty rubbish "toasters" that end up with cracked or limp hinges within weeks of purchase. Yet another easy coup from Apple. Me I'll probably buy another $800 Windows suitcase :confused:

you must buy some crap laptops and judging by the 'cheap and nasty' comment i am sure you do, may i ask what brand they are as to "end up with cracked or limp hinges within weeks of purchase" cause i aint goign to ever buy any of them, i have delt with a hell of a lot of laptops and none of them had these issues??

give me a toshiba laptop any day. any self respecting IT guy willl tell you, toshiba make the best laptops

as for CPU power, 200gig HDD and 2 gig of ram, it all depends on what you want to do with it..at my work it is rather critical for our sales guys to have high spec laptops so they can run our software. If your just a web browser and MS office user then yeah just get an EEEPC, they are not too bad for the price nice and small and light too..

I woudl liek to see the air's sales statistics before i comment on whether the average user wants it or not.

(Intelman said @ #5)
Apple has always been good at thin notebooks, their macbook pros are nice and slim.

Thanks to Intel and PC OEMs (Foxconn, Asus, etc), who build all this stuff for Apple. Dell doesn't have the imagination to come up with the designs, but it's got access to the exact same hardware if they did. Maybe in the future Apple will cut more exclusive deals with PC OEMs, so Dell wouldn't have such an easy time copying it.

(Antaris said @ #3)
Does the mini Core2 use passive cooling? I can't imagine a thinbook with a fat ol' fan whirring away in it

The MBA has a fan.

(Dakkaroth said @ #1)
So you mean a cheaper thin laptop is on the way? :huh:

twould seem so. They will also learn from the macbook air's (perceived or otherwise) mistakes, e.g. usb ports (and the recession of those ports) and things like this, which is good.

only thing is, they probably won't be as fit.