PC shipments inch up higher in Q1 2012

Supposedly we are living in the "Post PC era" but at least for now shipments of PCs worldwide are actually increasing. According to a new report from IDC, PC shipment numbers went up 2.3 percent in the first quarter of 2012 compared to the same time period a year ago. This actually beats previous expectations from IDC who had expected shipments to decline 0.9 percent in the last quarter.

There were some predictions that PC shipments might go down in part because of hard drive shortages, thanks to the flooding of hard drive factories in Thailand in 2011. However, IDC's new report says PC makers were able to get more access to hard drives than first believed. It said, "As a result, large PC vendors were able to maintain shipments by managing inventory or absorbing price increases, while the impact to shipments from smaller PC makers was in line with expectations."

As far as the rest of 2012 is concerned, IDC states, " ... we expect PC shipments to pick up significantly by the fourth quarter and beyond as HDD supply and pricing are normalized, Windows 8 is launched, and replacements pick up."

HP remains the world's largest PC maker with $15.714 million PCs shipped followed by Lenovo, Dell, Acer and Asus.

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There is no real reason to upgrade your machine as often as before. The hardware became powerful enough to keep up with new software. So I figure there will be an peak and valley effect for a few years. Almost everyone has a machine now they will replace them as they wear down instead of trying to have the latest and greatest.

This reinforces my belief that the desktop market won't go any where or shrink significantly, it will just flat line and be out grown by mobile devices.

neufuse said,
inpossible, the desktop market is dead!

Pens never replaced pencils, the same way desktops never replaced servers. Desktops will never be dead. If anything, the mark will become a niche market and manufactures willing to stay in the market will have to adapt. There there are real requirements for such computers out there (e.g.: research), since you can fit more computational power into a desktop case (e.g.: multiple multi-core CPUs, multiple GPUs, etc).

neufuse said,
inpossible, the desktop market is dead!

Desktop is not gonna die anytime soon. It is loosing market share, that's true but who does more than browsing and chatting with PC will need desktop (or laptop). Some works like 3D modeling, pro video and music editing, working with excel sheet are really pain in the ass without mouse and keyboard.