PC slowed down recently?

This was bugging my parents all day! Excel + Word and NAV have been slow to load etc, and this is apparently the problem.

"We had to do a little sleuthing today. Many readers wrote in with problems that turned out to be related. A certificate which Verisign used for signing SSL certificates has expired. When applications which depend on that certificate try to make an SSL connection, they fail and try to access crl.verisign.com, the certificate revocation list server. This has effectively DOS'ed that site, and Verisign has now updated the DNS record for that address to include several non-routable addresses, reducing the load on their servers. Some applications affected include older Internet Explorer browsers, Java, and Norton Antivirus (which may manifest itself as Microsoft Word being very slow to start). Hope this helps a few people, and if you have other apps with problems, please post about them below."

Good 'ol verisign eh. Nice to know the webs in safe hands. Press comments for info on some resolutions.

View: Verisign Page

News source: The ever reliable Slashdot

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My mum's pc two marshalus!

For those in dire need of a work around, i suggest a read of the slashdot comments.

To sort out NAV + Office problems, go into Norton AV's control panel and disable to Office plugin;

For IE resolution :

"Because of the crl problems, Explorer has been acting slowly doing some seemingly unrelated activities. Copying or right-clicking on folders often is followed by a several second hang. To workaround, deselect "Check for publisher's certificate revocation" under the Advanced setting for IE (even though it is not IE running, that's where the setting should be changed). After this, no more Explorer hangs. Hope this helps someone. If you know why Explorer is checking crls for anything when doing a copy operation on files, please post."

Also, apparently setting the date back a few days resolves it.

For those running old (i.e. pre IE 5.5 ) versions of IE, go here to update your CA.


Verisign WEB conference (from dec 17th) : https://e-meetings.mci.com/nc/join.php?i=PA9080463&p=VERISIGN&t=c

Whats depressing is as ever, companies HAVE know about this, and have done squat.


Hope this helps