PC vendors pessimistic about MIDs

Although Intel is aggressively pushing MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices) and its Centrino Atom platform, PC vendors still feel pessimistic about the market's future. The increasing demand for 7- to 10-inch netbooks and declining worldwide economy impose great threats toward MID products, noted sources at PC vendors.

In addition to the above factors, Nvidia's ARM-based Tegra is also creating pressure toward MIDs.

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Of course they're pessimistic. They want to sell you PCs, they don't want you to go to an OEM and buy a complete product.

ARM has already been successfully used in MIDs (ie Nokia N800). I really don't see an x86 CPU being used unless it has everything in it (becoming a SoC). Not to mention it having the same power consumption of ARM, and being as cheap.

Well, that's where Intel is trying to head. The Atom chip is the first step in their attempt at world domination. The problem that I have is that even if Intel makes a low-power x86 SoC, it'll be inferior to an ARM processor at a similar power consumption. I fear Intel's push of worthless crap (x86) into a market where it doesn't belong is just gonna bring crap to us consumers and we won't have a choice.

In the past, a lot of applications made use of x86 machine code, or device code was tied to the x86 and it was really difficult to just use another architecture. Now a lot of code is portable and is already offered on a wide variety of architectures (PPC, x86, ARM, even video game systems can be made to run the same software used on desktops, look how many platforms you can run Firefox on for example).