PCI Sig approves external cabling spec 1.0

ASUS's XGSTATION WAS a foray into the world of external graphics cards, but things are looking far more official after the PCI-SIG rubber-stamped specification which calls for PCI Express External cabling.

The standards body now allows for PCIe signaling at x1, x4, x8 and even x16 to be transported via a cable no longer than 10 meters. This also kills a bunch of bandwidth bottleneck and signalling problems which kept graphics manufacturers away from playing with the idea of external graphics cards. Remember, when you're ouside a standardised box, you can do whatever you want - no thermals to be careful of.

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One thing that interests me the most is the idea of having upgradeable graphics in a laptop. This could be one step in the right direction.

Actually, Nvidia created an open standard for removable notebook graphics cards several years ago, MXM. Obviously not widely known, and hard to find graphics cards for sale.