PDC 2008 Roundup

Microsoft's PDC conference finished late last week. In case you didn't manage to follow us daily or wanted an overview of the weeks news, I have put together a list of the best things to check out from our PDC.

Firstly is Windows 7 itself, Microsoft unveiled the new client OS on PDC Day 2 to great excitement from the crowds at PDC. Neowin was one of the first to post a full UI overview of Windows 7 and you can get the low down by visiting our "Introducing the Windows 7 UI" news post.

Next up we checked out a session that demonstrated how Microsoft tests their ideas in usability labs. A design concept for jump lists was shown which is the current jump lists in Windows 7 PDC build 6801.

Each day we liveblogged the various keynotes with the "all star bloggers", day 1 can be found here which features Windows Azure, day 2 can be found here which focussed on Windows 7 and the final day focussed on Microsoft research can be found here. The Microsoft research keynote was also streamed live on Qik, this can be found in the day 3 live blog.

During the week we also visited various Microsoft booths and sessions to get some great Windows 7 demos which can be found here and here. We also visited every single Microsoft Surface unit at the PDC and recorded all the various applications installed, you can view the footage here.

PDC 2009 was announced for November 17-20, we will be there live just like this year so stay tuned for further details this time next year. See you then!

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Yeh good job team, this is exactly why I came to neowin in the first place back in the day's of Whistler ; )

Keep up the great effort, it's appreciated!

Interesting... means well get Win7 before 2010 like rumoured! Unless of course MS fail to deliver on that... but I can't see that happening ;)

Hope they spend all the time they need on it though, would rather wait and have it working.

PDC 2009 was announced for November 17-20, we will be there live just like this year

But isn't Win7 due out before then, meaning by then we'll already know everything there is to know about it?