PE Explorer 1.99 R2

Designed for inspection and editing of Windows executable files, PE Explorer offers powerful editing tools for working with EXE, DLL, ActiveX controls, and other executable file formats that run on MS Windows 32-bit platforms.

Sometimes you need to look inside of a Windows program or DLL to figure out what's going on. Sometimes you need to inspect the inner workings of your own software, and more importantly, third party applications and libraries for which you do not have source code. PE Explorer is a program for doing just such looking on Windows Portable Executable (PE) files.

Visual editing features let you quickly view, extract, modify, rebuild, delete, customize, or translate executable file resources from within the file without having to write any scripts. Dialog boxes, menus, string tables, icons, typelib and more are right at your fingertips. Other features include automatic UPX and Upack unpacking, adding of XP and Vista control styles to older applications, a Digital Signature viewer, and more.

What's new:
* Added the NsPack Unpacker plug-in.
* Now supports for UPX v3.01 and LZMA compression method.

PE Explorer runs on all versions of Windows from 95 through Server 2003 and Vista (32-bit).

Download: PE Explorer 3.4 Mb - 30 days trial ($129)
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
View: PE Explorer Home Page
News source: Heaventools website

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barbun said,
eXeScope. Do same job

How is exeScope being just a resource editor supposed to do the same job as PE Explorer does?!

Does exeScope let you extract, recalculate, and delete sections of your loaded PE? Can you review and validate the digital signatures with exeScope? Can you look at the assembly code of your executable? Can exeScope scan all the modules that your PE file links to statically and those that are delay-loaded? No. Or maybe exeScope is able to decompress UPXed and Upacked files? No again.

Will you repeat over and over again that ResHack and exeScope do the same? Yes. One of life's mysteries.

barbun said,
is also free

exeScope is NOT free, it's a $20 shareware.

if Resource Editor is the only feature you really understand, take a look at the Heaventools' Resource Tuner.

This is quite expensive since ResHack does the same thig for free.

Unless I missed something, ResHack does not produce the disassembly listing. Neither does it unpack compressed files nor edit sections headers, etc. Saying ResHack does the same is like saying Notepad does the same thing as MS Word. FYI, the resource editor part of PE Explorer is only 10% of all functionality it offers.