Pebble unveils Pebble Steel: classy, high-end smartwatch for $249

Pebble is perhaps most famous for getting over $10 million in funding on Kickstarter when it first launched at the very early beginnings of the smartwatch era we've slowly started to enter. The watch was quite nice and came in a variety of colors, but was made of plastic. People who wanted to wear a fancy watch to a five-star restaurant or a wedding probably felt goofy wearing a plastic device on their wrists, no matter how smart it was. Pebble has found an amazing solution to that problem: the Pebble Steel.

If the original Pebble was the iPhone 5c, the Pebble Steel would be the iPhone 5s. The Steel is made out of — you guessed it — high-quality stainless steel and Corning Gorilla Glass over the display rather than plastic. The watch looks absolutely gorgeous. There's also an LED battery charge indicator and it's still waterproof and gets up to a week of battery life.

Best of all, the Steel is completely compatible with all of the existing apps and software for the Pebble. There's no need for developers to redesign or recode anything for this new watch; it works out of the box. Even better, Pebble will soon launch an official app store on iOS and Android to browse through Pebble smartwatch apps and download them onto your watch.

Speaking of the box, inside you'll find both a stainless steel link band or a premium black leather band so you can choose which look you feel like slapping on your wrist. The Pebble Steel included with both band options will cost $249 and will start shipping on Jan. 28. That's $100 more than the original Pebble, which is also still available for $149.

"We think there’s a lot of demand in the smartwatch space, and these will satisfy different needs," said Pebble founder and CEO Eric Migicovsky.

Source: TechCrunch | Image via TechCrunch

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and that's what it looks like to everyone else too. Those of us that still wear wristwatches (makes a good impression for business) wouldn't wear this if it were free.

I prefer to wear my $4000.00 TAG too but there are times when I could not do without my Pebble. I think the metal Pebble version could make a difference to some.

that looks amazing, i am not happy about the price tag but it wouldn't be the most expensive watch i have purchased. I just wish that Pebble would officially support Windows Phone rather than having to deal with shotty third party support.

the reason those 3rd party apps are shotty is the same reason there's no official support yet. they're having to work around missing needed APIs. one of the main 3rd party pebble apps for WP is created by a pebble forum member which i've been keeping an eye on (can't remember the username atm)

Hopefully doesn't rip out your arm hairs. I can't stand the feeling of wearing something on my wrist. For people who do wear watches, it seems like an excellent product/idea.

I'm not a watch person, since I can easily grab my phone out of my pocket. But, seeing I check every single notification, I'd rather get something like this so I can see if it's a text, and respond, especially during work or driving.

and suddenly I have an urge to by another pebble watch.
I wonder if they'll offer discounts for this version for those that backed their kickstarter

Quick info without taking out your phone, although if you keep checking your watch people might think you're impatient!

Hmm, if they weren't designing this damn thing, perhaps they could be using those resources to make a windows phone compatible version of the pebble.


uxo22 said,
Hmm, if they weren't designing this damn thing, perhaps they could be using those resources to make a windows phone compatible version of the pebble.


i've been hanging around the pebble forums and the main reason there isn't a WP version yet is due to needed features missing from the WP API still to make the watch even work reliably

uxo22 said,
Hmm, if they weren't designing this damn thing, perhaps they could be using those resources to make a windows phone compatible version of the pebble.


There's only so much Pebble can do if there are platform limitations. For instance, iOS had almost next to useless notification support before Apple rolled out ANCS in iOS 7, which finally made notifications as reliable as on Android apps. The flipside - because iOS has one API to use for notifications, it benefits by having all apps being able to forward notifications to the Pebble with zero config, whereas on Android it needs explicit support from the app or a third party notifier.

So if they can't get WP support, then it's not due to a lack of resources.