Pebble watch raises over $8.5 million; adds RunKeeper app

In April, the Kickstarter campaign to fund the e-paper based watch Pebble began and took off like a rocket as its backers exceeded the $100,000 fund raising goal in a matter of hours. With two weeks to go before the Kickstarter campaign ends, the Pebble watch has now raised well over $8.5 million. It seems likely that it could reach the $10 million pledge mark before the Kickstarter fund raising effort concludes.

This week, the Pebble team announced that the watch will have official support from the RunKeeper app team. The update states:

The RunKeeper app uses the built-in GPS on your phone to track your progress as you run, cycle, walk, hike, and generally move around. It crunches that data and gives you statistics like speed, average pace, elapsed time and more.

More apps with Pebble support are likely to be announced before the watch is released. Developers are asked to contact the Pebble team for more information and Pebble also plans to release a free SDK at some point. The company intends to ship the first Pebble wristwatches to its Kickstarter backers in September. There's no word on when the watch will be available to the general public.

Image via Pebble

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I heard they really botched their version for the BlackBerry couple years ago. Lots of delays and frustrated customers who pre-ordered.

I had originally backed this project as it's a quite neat idea. But eventually I cancelled my pledge. One reason is that I'm an iphone user, so bluetooth enabled actions are limited compared to android. Another reason is, now that the idea is out there in the wild, I'm sure we'll see better products by other companies very soon ( as in, more selection, better looking).