Pentagon admits to having spy satellites

The Pentagon has gone on record to officially say that they do have satellites that spy on other satellites. The Mitex micro-satellites, which were launched in 2006 have been flying around in the geostationary ring and have made observations of the DSP 23. DSP 23 is a satellite that can monitor missile launches but went offline shortly after reaching orbit.

The UN was particularly upset about the idea of satellites that can track and in theory destroy other satellites. The UN also pointed out that China may be interested in the news as the US has criticized the country and its leaders for a lack of transparency.

At the end of the day many will likely not be surprised by the news. While the US may be the first to admit that it has the capabilities there is a high probability that other countries have the same technology.

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They already have, I cant rember the name of the document but there was an agreement between Russia and the US on how many nukes each would have...not that it really matters as after abotu 10 nukes these days everything will be gone

GP007 said,
I sure hope the country you live in will do the same as well when the time comes.

I don't think Belgium has any, seen how our country is small and the EU, European Council and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are all founded by our country, and their headquarters are also settled here...

Airlink said,
HEadline should read "... admits they have satellites that spy on spy satellites." And it should feature a picture of these guys.

Becasue it would be more fun that way. :)

ha! That actually was the original title but it was to many characters for the layout :(

50 years down the road, they'll admit to have made contact with extraterrestrial life. I'll be ready for the news with my holo-TV in my retirement home.

50 years down the road, they'll admit to have made contact with extraterrestrial life. I'll be ready for the news with my holo-TV in my retirement home.

It is pretty funny, mainly because about 50 years ago, president Truman not just admitted the existence of UFO but also show and spot an entire "fleet" over the White House. Im still amazed how many people don't want to remember such incident but remember the (lousy) movie.

People has been a bit brainwashed with the concept of UFO, you can't mention it without associate with a crazy/weird/lunatic/green creature claim.

Ying and Yang only wish china had satellites that spied on other satellites...instead of its people....Ying is embarrassed to sit on the toilet 'and' Yang.

Thats why I cannot understand why China was so bothered about Google earth.

Stealth fighters, satellites, covert recording equipment.

No-one is safe.

I bet in 10 years the United States will admit to having and show hard evidence of Alien (non-human) beings
visiting earth and then jetting off back to their galaxy.

I believe they already inhabit Earth and take the form of a human being.

But... I want the proof.

carmatic said,
so... this is Obama's transparency at work?

Part of, I guess. I'm be waiting to see what he has to tell the world in 2016 that he couldn't tell us while he was president. Meh. That's if we make it past 2012.

It's nice to know our government decided to shed a little honesty with us, but in a time where the Middle East is under crisis, the threat of Osama Bin Laden looms over our heads, and the American people are still questioning the integrity of our new president, why the hell would the government reveal something like that? It's just going to rile up the "I told you so!" conspiracy theorists and the twitchy foreign countries that don't need another excuse to hate us.

it makes you wonder how many of these satelites are up there...seems like if your going to go on full out war with a country, first thing to do covertly would be to elimante all of their satelites

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