Pentium M Finds Its Place

Intel will likely add support for location-based services to its Pentium M line of mobile processors in 2006, a senior company executive says. As with cell phones, location-based services for computers are based on the computer's ability to recognize its location and provide information or perform a function tailored to that location.

"Location-based services are certainly something that we've been exploring and have a lot of work going on in," says Anand Chandrasekher, vice president and general manager of Intel's Mobile Platforms Group. "You can expect to see capabilities like that being brought on to the notebook marketplace, probably in the '06 timeframe would be my best estimate at this time," he says.

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News source: PCWorld

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Think about it, you go into a starbucks and open your laptop. It recognizes where you are and automatically loads into your cache an application to order your coffee before you even have time to get up again.

Or you are on a trip and open your laptop and click on Microsoft Maps and it automatically opens up a map where the center of them ap represents where you are.