Philadelphia newspapers to sell Android tablet for $99

Last July, the Philadelphia Media Network, the owner of the Pennsylvania city's two major daily newspapers, The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News, announced a unique plan to sell Android-based tablets at a discount along with digital subscriptions to the newspapers. Today, the group announced that those Android tablets will go on sale on Tuesday for as low as $99.

The tablets themselves will be made by Archos. The 10.1 inch Arnova 10 G2 device will make its US debut as part of the subscription deal with the Philadelphia newspapers and will sport Android 2.3 with a 1 Ghz processor inside. It will have 4 GB of storage space, a rear-facing camera, USB 2.0 and Micro SD card ports, WiFi support and more, as well as full access to all of the available Android-based apps and its marketplace.

The $99 price is only if you purchase subscriptions to the three pre-loaded newspaper-based apps for $9.99 a month for two years. You can get the same tablet for $129 with just a one year subscription to the apps. An article at says that these prices amount to over a 50 percent discount over the regular price of both the subscriptions and the tablet device. The tablet will also have a number of other pre-loaded apps.

The Philadelphia newspaper group plan to sell just 5,000 of these tablets at first. It hopes to offer more of the tablets on sale around "Black Friday", the day after Thanksgiving that's also the biggest single retail sales day of the year.

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$99 + $239.76 = $338.76, not including taxes. Would possibly be more beneficial to fork the money out now for a better tablet, but I haven't exactly been keeping up with tablets so this may yet be a good deal, a so-so deal, or a crummy deal.

Saint Shiv said,

I don't see the association.

Pedphlia <---- Those are all the letters that are the same in both words, they may just be in different spots.

For someone like my dad who reads the paper every morning, and sort of wants an iPad but isn't sure, this will be perfect. It's essentially a $99 tablet.

People buying this at this price will do so only for the newspapers. Not sure how many people follow these, but I doubt many will get locked in to a contract just to get this cheaper. But more power to them....and dont need much to just read publications.