Philips Offers Mobile Phone With AAA Battery Backup

Royal Philips Electronics has introduced the Xenium NRG, a mobile phone that uses a single standard-sized AAA battery as a backup for an extra three hours of talk time when the main battery dies, which offers 10 hours when fully charged. Thanks to a partnership with Energizer Holdings and Techtium, a chipmaker specializing in power management, Philips could use the company's hardware which makes it possible to mix conventional battery power with the lithium-ion pack used in cellular phones. If the AAA battery is rechargeable, then the phone will recharge the backup when doing the same for the main power source. The duo recharging is possible due to Techtium's integrated circuit with patented charging and battery-type detection algorithms. While providing convenience, the backup doesn't alter the Xenium NRG's slim, compact form, Philips said. In joining the partnership, Energizer is marketing its e2 Lithium AAA as the best battery for use in the phone. The company claims its battery lasts longer in high-tech devices than alkaline batteries.

News source: InformationWeek

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I have a separate Li-ion charger for my phone, but usually remember to keep it charged anyways. The separate charger actually has a USB plug, so in addition to my phone, it also charges my iPod, my PDA, and thanks to a little cable-making handiwork, my DS Lite.

Pretty freakin' sweet if you ask me.

Some Sagem phone like 7 years ago was doing that too. The battery pack was looking like a 3 AA-battery pack, and you could swap everything with batteries.

Not a bad idea, but then I never really find my phone dying on me to be much of a problem. Just remember to plug it in at night every few days...not that hard really.