Phishing scam runs rampant on Twitter

Just yesterday Neowin reported on a suspected scam where you had to enter your username and password just so that you could get emails everytime you get an @reply to your tweets, it was later proved that it was indeed genuine and just another app.

But the latest news is a scam that involves DM's which is a direct message for those out of the twitter world, the scam involves a link sent to you for a blog and once you go there you get sent to a complete different twitter homepage which is a bit like the old myspace scams. Chris Pirillo mentioned this on his blog when he got one "DO NOT VISIT the URL in question. It will redirect you immediately to a suspicious domain: twitter . access-logins . com - notice the subdomain?".

Whats worse about this scam is that some of the users of twitter may actually fall for this because the scam site in question looks exactly like the twitter site at the moment so you could easily be duped into entering your password and allowing access to the scammer. At press time, Twitter is looking into the problem and asking everyone to just be vigilant and don't click any links that look really similar to this.

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And just yesterday I said what a twitter (twit) you have to be to even use a place/thing like that!

Get a life people!

It is high time Twitter comes out with something to stop these scams. They are growing very fast! As for now, one thing we could do is follow @twitter and you will receive immediate updates from them. I received this message 2hrs ago:
@twitter: Don't Click That Link! http://<< spam >>/9sste4

Marshalus said,
I'd generally ignore DMs from people I don't recognize.

Actually, unless you follow your friend and your friend follows you, they cant send a DM.