Photos uploaded to Instagram by third-party apps restored for users, not public [Update]

Third-party Instagram apps suffered a setback Tuesday when the social network changed its API for security reasons, blocking third-party apps from uploading photos and hiding photos already taken with the apps. Now it appears Instagram has backtracked slightly, as users of third-party apps can now see their images, though others can't.

Images uploaded to Instagram through the use of third-party apps such as Windows Phone's Instance are now restored for the uploading users, as spotted by Windows Phone Daily, though friends and the public still can't see the uploads. Previously, images uploaded by third-party apps were hidden to everyone, including the uploading user, almost immediately after being sent to the social networks servers, and photos that were already uploaded were shielded as well. The issue impacts all third-party Instagram apps, not just Windows Phone versions.

The leftmost image was uploaded with Instance and can only be seen through the user's feed.

From the public view of the feed, including a follower's view, the photo simply won't appear.

According to a statement released Tuesday by Instagram, the Facebook subsidiary "made an update to the systems that we use to fight spam to help prevent future attacks and increase security." The impact on third-party apps was unintentional, and the company wasn't attempting to stop Windows Phone users from using the service despite the lack of an official app.

Instance users were able to upload photos again late Tuesday, though the images still couldn't be viewed by other users.

Update: Other users are now able to view photos from an Instagram member who uploaded photos from Instance and other third-party Instagram apps. All features previously available in third-party apps, including uploading photos, now appear to be working as they did prior to the social network's API changes.

Via: Windows Phone Daily

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I will never use instagram as the service itself is pathetic. but I'm so glad they got a huge PR fallout from the WP community. while small, it is very organized and vocal and insta suckers will think twice about messing with WP.

How is getting tonnes of awesome and beautiful photographs straight to my phone in an easy-to-use and -reach channel a pathetic service? I love Instagram. I think you're just inclined to believe it's all stupid teen selfies and hipster junk, but it's not. you've got to follow the right people.

I find it hilarious that most of the people complaining here don't even use or want to use Instagram. This is the way it has always been. In order to prevent spam (bots uploading ads, or other crap) they have limited their API. You can only upload through authorized channels and I agree with this 100%.

"made an update to the systems that we use to fight spam to help prevent future attacks and increase security."

Yes. "Security" /drevil

Gees for ****s sake I hope instagram\facebook dies, this kind of thing is sad. I think both these products has made the internet and the world a much worse place.

This is simply ridiculous and entirely aggravating. I feel they should at least release an official app before making stupid changes like this.