Picture Resizer 3.0

A new version of the (probably) easiest-to-use photo resizer on the planet was released. Now with image carving support!

Despite the simplicity, this tiny (300kB) freeware tool can do a lot: resize by percentage, longest side, shortest side, width, height, fit in frame, or by specifying file size in kilobytes. Batch processing of files in all subfolders, generating custom reports (e.g. htlm fragments for galleries), sharpening and more. Usable as a droplet or from Explorer's context menu.

New features:

  • Multi-core CPU support for extremely fast batch resizing.
  • Changing aspect ratio while preserving content using image seam carving. Learn more.

Link: Homepage with instructions
Download: Picture Resizer 3.0 (for NT, W2k, XP and Vista) | Freeware

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I bet you can't resize by file size in kB or do image retargeting with your viewer...
...I would not post the news if this was just another ordinary image resizer.

^ that was done automatically by selecting desired target size and it is not just cropped.

This tool only comes really handy when used via command line with switches. The fact that you can add multiple context-menu entries with different options is really nice.

All you have to do is give the context-menu a name and then the switches.

Personally I use the following (jpeg quality=85, keeps the EXIF in the Jpeg and resizes to a width of 800 pixels): -q85 -m -w800


Command line options
Photo Resizer accepts command line parameters that override settings from tool's filename. It is also possible to cutomize the application standard output and to skip the tool's final message.

Overriding options
-^WxH - specify exact output size (same as PhotoResizeWxH.exe).
-^X - specify maximum size (same as PhotoResizeX.exe).
-_X - specify minimum size (same as PhotoResize_X.exe).
-hX - specify height (same as PhotoResizeHX.exe).
-wX - specify width (same as PhotoResizeWX.exe).
-pX - specify percentage of original (same as PhotoResizePX.exe).
-dX - specify output DPI (same as PhotoResizeDX.exe).
-kX - specify output file size in kB (same as PhotoResizeKX.exe). The conversion may be significantly slower, because multiple tries my be required to create file that fits the required size.
-fWxH - specify maximum size of a picture frame (same as PhotoResizeFWxH.exe).
-gWxH - retarget image to specified size (same as PhotoResizeGWxH.exe).
-r - invert the "recursive folder scanning" flag.
-i - invert the "in-place resizing" flag.
-m - invert the "keep metadata (EXIF)" flag.
-qX - specify compression quality (1-100). Default quality is 60. Filename flag L set quality to 30, while H set quality to 90.
-s - invert the "skip files that are already smaller than the specified size" flag.
-n - invert the "sharpen the resized image" flag.
-t - invert the "independent size and DPI" flag.
The settings apply to all files specified after them. Example:

PhotoResize.exe -w200 C:img1.jpg -w300 C:img1.jpg C:img2.jpg
This command resizes img1.jpg to 200 pixels width, then resizes img1.jpg and img2.jpg to 300 pixels width.

Looks good. Not the easiest as you would have to have several different icons to run. But I will keep it and see how it develops. No manual in the program itself?

This is great if you need to resize random pictures quite often at the same size. Dragging it to the desktop icon is a neat and simple idea.

I'll stick with VSO though!

(vlasta said @ #2.1)
...and now you have the chance to see something even easier ;-).

I don't know if this is exactly easier, just read the homepage...and having to drag pictures onto the icon...no thanks. with VSO i have a right click option that i can perform in any directory, and then choose the settings i want, and it's pretty damn quick too. While this program may be easier in the sense that it's kinda a one stop shop, just drag and drop, for the functionality that is easiest for me, VSO still takes the cake. the only way one of these programs could top that would be if they offered a right click context menu that also alowed you to select the image resize size from the right click as well...that would be the cats meow.

Drag and drop is one of the methods and many like it, but it is not the only one. You can add any number of commands to context menu of .jpg files and *folders*. Each command can use different switches and you can also specify its name. This way an "expert" can prepare the context menu and a "newbie" can easily use it.

Never tried VSO but this is indeed a great utility. Been using it for a couple weeks.

The fact that you can add custom context menu entries with switched is really neat.

The powertoy is good for simple resizing but when you are working with high quality pictures the jpgs are way too compressed. And there is no way to adjust the compression ratio.