PlanetSide 2 gets November 20th launch date

Sony Online Entertainment is about to find out if their efforts to create a sequel to their sci-fi first person shooter PlanetSide will pay off. This week, the developer announced that PlanetSide 2, designed from the ground up to be a free-to-play game, will officially launch on November 20th.

In a post on the game's official website, Sony Online said that PlanetSide 2 will have three continents for its three player factions to fight over; " ... dark, swamp-infested Amerish, following from rocky Indar and arctic Esamir."

While PlanetSide 2 is free-to-play game, Sony Online is still offering the Alpha Squad package for $40. It contains $40 in Station Cash, the game's online currency. In addition, it offers players some exclusive in-game items when it launches, such as a camo package for each of the game's factions with matching vehicle, armor and weapon skins. Players will also get six months of a 10 percent XP boost along with a resource boost.

The original PlanetSide was released as a monthly subscription MMO in 2003. Despite a lot of pre-release hype, the game was a disappointment in terms of both sales and reviews.

Source: PlanetSide 2 website | Image via Sony Online

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