Play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. as it was meant to be played

Remember back in November 2001, when S.T.A.L.K.E.R. was announced, and quickly became one of the most anticipated PC games at the time? You may then recall several delays thanks to numerous setbacks, including a pre-alpha build leak of the game in December of 2003. More setbacks and more delays meant the game was finally released in March of 2007. Now you can play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. as it was envisioned in 2004 thanks to developer GSC.

Once S.T.A.L.K.E.R was finally released, many things such as vehicles, RPG elements, and advanced AI had either been changed, altered, or just completely cut in the final release. The physics engine was also completely redone, and needless to say, many people were disappointed as they had expected much more. So have you ever wondered what the game could have been if it was released when it was supposed to be? Now you can check out a fully playable Build Version numbered 1935 from 2004, which contains all of the original levels plus some that were cut.

Screenshot: Build 1935 Screnshot

The installation instructions are simply " Delete the savedgames folder and run run_alife_s.bat."

Naturally, GSC takes no responsibilities or guarantees how the game will run, will not answer any questions or provide technical support on the build itself, so try it at your own risk. I think it is safe to say many people are will to take that risk to see the original vision of the game in action.

Detailed information about the release, which includes the installation instructions I posted above, can be found at the following URL.
Link: Post on the GSC forums, which also has a links to FAQ's about the build.

Download: Direct Download from GSC
Download: Fileshack Mirror
Download: Atomic Gamer Mirror
Download: Link To Torrent

Thanks to Todd (LOC) & Chode for the heads up.

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yeah i played it a little bit after it was released. definately did not live up to any of the hype. i actually found it extremely frustrating to play

I'm probably one of the few who actually didn't like the game, there was all the almighty buildup to the game and when I got it I thought it was... um boring because from the original content of the game which was edited and cut because some inane person decided it was violent and should be edited and cut killed the game for me.

I really enjoyed Stalker, but was annoyed to find so much had been cut....
I'll be sure to give this a try when I get home from work :-D

I agree. The final version KILLED the game. Once they introduced major RPG type aspects I gave up even trying...not to mention the controls were horrible.

I don't think that's a very good screenshot. The graphic settings and res are kinda low it seems. It's actually a good looking game. Too bad I gave my copy away to a friend. Don't feel like torrenting the game just for this. It was fun though and it wasn't a full priced game.

yert* said,
I don't think that's a very good screenshot. The graphic settings and res are kinda low it seems. It's actually a good looking game. Too bad I gave my copy away to a friend. Don't feel like torrenting the game just for this. It was fun though and it wasn't a full priced game.

you dont need the full retail game for this as this is a full version of the game from 2004 of up to date of what they had then and is very playable and the link i provided the community has and doing releasing fixes to it for better quality and better gameplay to fix some thing and course add custom DX9 shaders so have a download

Knowing that the officially released S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games are buggy as hell, I'm not sure if i wanna play this way old build. =p

I think this is a bit past its prime. It had its chance and blew it. I don't think they can makeup for lost time now. Personal opinion of course.

the game is awesome with or without this build, mainly because of the environment and story. nevertheless, the one thing that really annoyed me was having to travel extremely long distances without a vehicle.

Alladaskill said,
Graphics = bad? So no upgrade there? Just gameplay added/fixed up?

Actually this build has a different physics system in place from what I read. And HDR lighting is done differently, along with several other graphical differences over the retail game. Grass does look different to me, and reacts much smoother as well.

Overall though, for a game that started work in 2001, the game still looks damn good to me. Sure textures are a bit washed out, but this isn't Crysis here. The scale of the world, even in the retail game was huge, it was alot to render.

Thanks Larry for mentioning me and posting the story!

I'm interested to see how this affects the opinions of the people who played the released version. I never got it, mostly because of the reasons stated in this article. Most of the cool things were dumbed-down or stripped away leaving a lask-luster product.

I'm playing Stalker right now and I like it a lot, especially the atmosphere of the whole game. The game is okay the way it was released, of course it lacks some promised stuff but it does not in anyway feel like it's been cut off or missing.

Anyway once I'll finish it I'll probably check thins pack out. Wonder what it brings to the table. Also if anyone tried it does make the saves unusable, right?