PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.00

The PLAYSTATION®3 system software update may include security patches, new or revised settings and features and other items, which will change your current operating system. We encourage you to check this page from time to time for software updates and to always maintain your system to use the latest version of the system software. An update to the PS3™ system software was released on November 8, 2007. If you update your PS3™ system, the system software will be version 2.00.


  • Custom themes: You can now customize the XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) icons or background design.
  • Playlists: You can now create playlists to organize content under [Music] and [Photo].
  • Information board: [Information Board] has been added as a feature under [Network]. PlayStation® related news can be displayed on the XMB™ screen.
  • PLAYSTATION®Network category: [PLAYSTATION®Network] has been added as a category in the XMB™ home menu .
  • Remote start: [Remote Start] has been added as an option under [Remote Play Settings]. A PS3™ system in standby mode can be turned on from a PSP® system used for remote play via the Internet.
  • Overall: New grouping options for the [Group Content] feature have been added to the options menu.
  • Settings:
    • [Color], [Background], and [Font] have been added as options under [Theme Settings].
    • You can now select [Brightness] as an option under [Theme Settings] > [Background].
    • The procedure for setting [Internet Connection Settings] under [Network Settings] has been changed.
    • You can now select Canon printers with the [Printer Selection] option under [Printer Settings].
  • Game: [Vibration Function] has been added as an option under [Controller Settings] in the menu that is displayed when you press the PS button on a DUALSHOCK®3 wireless controller. (Available for purchase in early 200''
  • Network:
      You can now view video content (as a progressive download) as it is being downloaded from PLAYSTATION®Store.
    • [Trend Micro Web Security for PS3™] has been added as an option under the Internet browser.
  • Friends
    • The voice / video chat menu has been changed.
    • You can now use the PLAYSTATION®Eye camera for voice / video chat. (Available for purchase in early 2008.)
Download: Playstation Firmware 2.00
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Kushan said,
Now come on Microsoft, Sony has released their big update, get your asses in gear and release the 360's!

What monumental change did the 2.00 firmware of the PS3 bring to the table that would pressure Microsoft into countering it with their own update?

Color me unimpressed.

PS: Unless, of course, you were being sarcastic. Because everyone just knows how to read sarcastic in writing without any indication.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what the web security is going to do. Only real thing I can think of is parental / surfing control and maybe used to ID Phishing websites. I highly doubt the ps3 can be hacked via it's web browser.

More info about theme's here -
and an PC software kit for making your own Ps3 graphic / icon theme's found here -

lol thought PS3 was suppost 2 be reliable acording to fan boys, cant even sort out there software... and for overheating well the whole display at E3 was crashing cas of heat! Weird that.

thanks for that, not being a fanboy but ps3 is more reliable and the E3 displays overheated cos someone decided to put them in a closed glass cabinet

I think you just sent 20 grammer/spelling nazi's to the morgue with that comment... not to mention thats something that happened how long ago? Not to mention it wasn't even the PS3's fault, but the people who decided to enclose it in a glass case without any ventillation. At least the PS3 played for awhile... the Xbox360 would have RROD'd itself instantly. (I have both systems so don't call me a fanboy :P)

This firmware has fecked up Warhawk 1.1 for me

I cannot get on to a Sony ranked server at all. I get to the loading game screen but then instead of entering the game it just quits to the game over screen. This happens on every Sony ranked server, not on the normal user servers. Its only happened since the v2.0 firmware upgrade. Warhawk 1.1 Downloadable version. UK PS3 f.w v2.0

and no Profile 1.1 update again... it would absolutely hilarious if PS3 60gb and 80gb don't have the capability to be Profile 1.1 compatible and only 40gb version would as it is modified motherboard. What a finger to the people who bought a PS3 would that be, including myself btw.

I smelled this update when I heard at a Gamestop last week that they got in a PS3 update. He was like, "Ooooo its 2.0." I was paiently waiting after that...

ntbnnt said,
I smelled this update when I heard at a Gamestop last week that they got in a PS3 update. He was like, "Ooooo its 2.0." I was paiently waiting after that...
Man you look 1337 now.