Playstation 3 Firmware 3.0 unveiled

At Gamescom today in Germany, Sony have released details of their upcoming firmware for their Playstation 3 Console, to be released this September, coinciding with the release of the Playstation 3 slim.

Adding on to the date and time display in the top right corner of the Xross Media Bar (XMB) will be the Status Indicator. It will now display the avatar used for your account, information on the number of your friends that are on-line and will also have a horizontal scrolling text space that will display news as it happens.
The battery indicator has also been moved which was one of the more annoying, and most requested features of the firmware update.

Replacing the Information Bar that is present in the current firmware will be the "What's New" section. Instead of lines of text with links to websites, the What's New section offers an album art style that will link to either Playstation related news or take you to a section of the Playstation Store.

Your ability to customize the XMB has also been improved, now you will be able to use dynamic animated themes for the XMB. The default theme has been improved to include sparkles that move across the screen, and also shown was a LittleBigPlanet Theme that has Sackboy running across a globe while a night and day cycles on the left.
There will also be a new collection of avatars for you to use for your profile, premium versions of either avatars and themes will be available to buy.

The year old Playstation 3 trophies will be getting an update also; now you will be able to differentiate trophies better between those included in a game, and trophies added in downloadable content after release.
This will let you see the percentage completed for different trophy sections of the base game and any add-ons, this will be included in games that are to be released, but wont affect older games at release.

Other small updates include short-cuts across the XMB for videos, games, etc. that will let you go straight to that section of the Playstation store without having to navigate through to get to your videos or game downloads.
The friends list has also been updated to improve viewing your friends list and profiles and will also show include viewing messages.

The update is reported to go live on the first of September, below you can find a short video of some of the new updates to the XMB.

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Loving the animated XMB themes. Now I can have moving naked bodies on my tv and non-stationary. What I love about XMB vs the 360 version is how quickly it responds plus the not so oversized thumbnails for a picture of a game. People with many games such as myself feel the need to scroll quickly to the game they need and pick out whatever they need from it being it DLC or whatnot. Imo that is... make it happen sony and don't keep us always disappointed in the somewhat present.

No cross game audio chat... ;( . I think they should include it... Soft for audio chatting is old as my granma, and they still haven't implemented it into HIGH DEF NEXT GEN BBQ WTF Console... Big fan of Sony though...

Exactly, wtf. At their little "feature table" no one at Sony thought "hey maybe we should add in cross-game chat? Nope. Why would anyone want that?

:facepalm: Some times I really wonder...

The point about BC is that it was a selling point when the PS3 first came out then they took it away. Now I just got a PS3 about a week ago. I have never played God of War 2 and 3 is on the way. I would love to play #2 but cant. I can play original Xbox games on my 360. Just because you don't want to play PS2 games doesn't make it stupid for them to include it. I play a game because its fun to play. I do care what system its on. I got my PS3 just to play PS2 games. I figured that it would be a better investment than a PS2. I got it used and didn't know it wont play them (I did my research i just got rip off).

But it's not a selling point now and hasn't been since they sold systems with it taken out so what's your point? If you want to play PS2 games then get a PS2!

Some people like to complain too much.

Who cares about BC, I mean why use a PS3 to play PS2 titles? why would you want too?

Yes I have owned PS, PS2 and PS3, but I never went back to the PS after I had the PS2 and since the PS3 I've never played a PS2 really want PS2 BC...I have an old PS2 I could sell ya :P

1. Superior video upconversion
2. Wireless controllers if you don't have them for PS2
3. Convenience
4. Unlimited free memory cards

Skwerl said,
1. Superior video upconversion
2. Wireless controllers if you don't have them for PS2
3. Convenience
4. Unlimited free memory cards


Why would I want to have to consoles, twice the wires, and much more hassle to just go back and play old favorites even some of the new PS2 titles?

Wow it sure took a while to cook up this one. Maybe in 3 more years you can have your own customizable avatar. While I'm sure any update is appreciated at this point, this update is more or less a gui update to give it a little bit more pizazz and for them to make a buck off it. I think I'm mostly just disappointed that we may not see any real functionality updates to the system for awhile from now, if at all.

BC is not coming [back]. You wanna play PS2 games? buy a PS2! Sony has no interest in investing all the money required to do full software BC to satisfy a minority. Yes, Sony could put the PS2 chips back in, but do you really want them to jack the price up again just so you can play some old games? I don't want them too that's for sure...

Who cares about competing with XBL? If you want to play games online use a PC. This might have been news if it were to include PS2 emulation.

@virtorio: one of the PS3's selling points is that it has a blu-ray drive, and you still want to play DVDs? hmm. Maybe rip your foreign-region DVDs to DivX, or simply decrypt them and remove the region protection, then re-burn them?

And yet no way for the player to remember where you left off watching your Blu-Ray disc. I can't believe a year after winning the HD war this basic feature included in all DVD players still hasn't been implemented. A "bookmark" is an extremely poor (and lazy) alternative. Granted, this isn't just a PS3 problem but Blu-Ray as a whole, it's still disappointing considering this is a Sony product.

dreamhacker said,
If you do not take the blu-ray disc out of the machine, it will remember where you stopped it, just like DVD players.

But with a DVD player you can remove the disc, turn the system off... whatever... and when you put the disc back in or power up it remembers where you left off. That's what I'm referring to.

leo221 said,
need a new file system to allow >4gb per file size cap.

Silly billy. You can already have more than 4GB in size files on the PS3. It's the transport medium you're using that is limiting you (your external) as that has to be FAT32. Do it over-the-air instead.

So what kind of file system is the PS3 using if it's not FAT32 nor NTFS (as it doesn't support neither of those systems on an external drive).

ah PS3 still has a LONG way to go when to comes to even remotely competing with XBL.... what a sad day for sony

somebody had to say it

hadisious said,
ah PS3 still has a LONG way to go when to comes to even remotely competing with XBL.... what a sad day for sony

somebody had to say it

I would have to agree. I have an XBox 360 and a PS3, but I may sell the PS3. I just find that I use the XBox 360 much more than the PS3. It looks like a decent update, but many of those features were already in the XBox 360 OS...

abysal said,
yeah I kind of have to agree. But I got the PS3 for media streaming and blueray.

Should've bought a 360 and a separate Blu-Ray player. You would have gotten a better experience with separate devices. Not to mention you'd have saved yourself a large sum of money too.


I own a PS3 BTW, and I find nothing interesting in this video at all.
nothing to see here, ... it is a waste of time.

Tech Greek said,

Yes indeed! Because showing your avatar and the number of your friends online in the top right hand corner is an amazingly original and state of the art feature! Pure awesomeness.