Playstation Network finally offers new system update

Sony has finally issued a new manatory system update for its Playstation Network which makes its Playstation 3 users change their password in order to connect to the service. It's the first real public update to the online network for the Playstation 3 and PSP consoles since Sony shut down the network due to a cyber attack on April 20. Sony stated on its blog site, "The release of this update is a critical step as we work to make PlayStation Network significantly more secure."

The official Playstation blog site has more info on the update (version 3.61) which also alters the way PSN users can change their passwords. As an added bit of security, from now PSN users can only change their passwords on the PS3 that the account was activated from. It appears this update is just the first step in the restoration of the rest of the Playstation Network. There's no word yet on when the other services such as online matchmaking, downloading demos and DLC packs from the Playstation Store and other features will be put back online.

It's been a long wait for PSN users since the servers were first shut down after a cyber attack that exposed personal information for the tens of millions of its subscribers. Sony has promised its users compensation for the shut down including offering free downloadable content, free 30 day subscriptions to the PSN and Music Unlimited services and more. It has also offer PSN users free fraud protection services for a year to deal with any repercussions of the cyber attack. Meanwhile the MMO servers of Sony Online Entertainment remain shut down; they were taken offline on May 2.

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There's a map up on the blogsite - rolling East to West it looks like. When I turned on the (dusty) PS3, first thing was an update w/no sign in. Updated and now PSN is undergoing maint message. I'm west coast but sounds like people on the east coast are patching up and getting into DC Universe Online. I'm hearing about automated password reset emails being sent too. I was made to reset my station pw before even getting back to those forums which are now up again too.

i still say they should get there asses to working on the ps4 along with a brand new network system and Discontinue the ps3 and have the ps4 out by mid to late 2012 or early to mid 2013.

al11588 said,
No update to fix the ****ty Crysis 2 graphics.

Pretty sure that has nothing to do with Sony, and everything to do with Crytek.