Polish lawmakers wear Guy Fawkes masks to protest ACTA

While the fight against the SOPA and PIPA bills in the US Congress has taken a bit of a breather, new protests have sprug up over the international Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). Like SOPA and PIPA, ACTA was written in part to try to combat online piracy but opponents have claimed the act is too broadly written and will result in blocked web sites.

The agreement has already been signed by a number of countries, including the US. However, there's been a growing movement by a number of people to try to stop more countries from getting on board ACTA. It's been the most active in Poland where street protests against ACTA in that country have happened earlier this week.

TechDirt reports that despite the protests, Poland's government signed onto ACTA on Thursday. In perhaps the strangest protest of all, a number of Poland's lawmakers decided to don Guy Fawkes masks in Parliament to protest the vote. These masks have become well known as one of the symbols of the hacker group Anonymous. The group has been busy launching cyber attacks on a number of web sites in the past week, in part to protest laws and agreements such as ACTA.

ACTA opponents are not likely done yet with their protests as the agreement still has to be ratified by the EU's Parliament.

Image via TechDirt

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Xyrax said,
Somehow I'm ashamed by my "elites" (I'm from Poland)
Only because you do not know the idea behind Guy Fawkes.

Most interesting part: soon after voting to put ACTA on short hold, the US embassy called biggest lawmaker group asking what is going on and why they doing that!? Now, that is disturbing and only shows how rotten US politics are

CMG_90 said,
Theyreally need to get over Guy. Just makes them look like idiots

I like it. At least they've got some sense and can think for themselves without being bought like most politicians. At least not as obviously.

CMG_90 said,
Theyreally need to get over Guy. Just makes them look like idiots

They are idiots and just puppets in hands of gov's party - a virtual party for virtual people. Their boss wants to take over net surfers protests and became "the face" of.

And by the way, they JUST signed onto ACTA - for now it doesnt mean anything, theres still validation process with parliament and The President. Which still give hope that we finally will get rid of this garbage - thats why we were protesting in various cities.

Edited by insanelyapple, Jan 28 2012, 8:03am :

CMG_90 said,
Theyreally need to get over Guy. Just makes them look like idiots

I think the mask has just evolved [or devolved, depending on your perspective] into a generic gesture -- if it was more than that you'd have endless debate among the politicos on just what had the proper symbolism.

Ask the people what mask those in most any gov should wear & Loony Tunes would be the company suing over (C) infringement.