Poll: 24hrs later, how do you like Outlook.com?

Outlook.com launched with much fanfare yesterday as the new email service quickly hit 1 million users. Now that the dust has settled a bit, how is the new email service working out for you? Did you have any issues registering, did you get the email address you desired or are you avoiding this platform because you are already content with your current service?  

Take our poll and let us know your thoughts in comments below. As Microsoft looks to reboot its email service, is it enough to attract your loyalty? 


How do you like Outlook.com so far?

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I love it so far. I was even able to create a nice email address without having to put a crazy barrage of numbers at the end. I love being first in line for stuff like this, I did the same with GMail years ago.

I voted "its alright" (any other place than an OS this stuff don't look that bad)
Although i won't be using it much i don't do emails
unless there is a good reason i avoid logging into to emails
regardless of what the loggin ui looks like.

i just wanted to add i could imagine so more interesting polls than this
sorry but this one is bloody boring.

How about a Windows changes related poll.
Lets see what the community thinks !
Let people have their say ,or we can ***** foot around dodging the subject ?
cue Pro Microsoft puff piece
I guess I'm crazy but the fact that so many people hate Windows 8 is NOT news worthy ?
And to top it off the news has been generated by the members of your news site lol
how much more (of a story) could be handed to Neowin on a silver platter ?

I like the new look, but I can't seem to add attachments to my mails
When I click the link, select a file and click open it doesn't do anything

Anybody else have this problem?

As a Gmail user I absolutely love it and I am switching to outlook. The reason I liked Gmail over hotmail was the readability and simplicity of functions but I don't like google's privacy policy, just because I liked the look and feel I stayed Gmail until now that I can happily switch to Outlook using my hotmail account.

Loving it. I love how much faster it is, how decluttered it is, the Metro look (which, I realize, is personal preference), etc. I can hardly wait to see how they redo the Calendar and SkyDrive, as those are still showing up as the old style for me.

Also, as a Hotmail Plus user? No ads! Love that!

Can't compare to Gmail, but I'm very happy with MS compared to Yahoo, and am glad I left a few years ago.

I like it so far. I'm POPing in all my gmail right now (it is taking forever.........). I plan to try and use it as my primary access point for my @gmail.com address. We'll see how it goes. If I don't like it then I'll just go back to google's website.

A colourwheel picker would be better. I'd at least like to be able to make the colours more pastel and less strain on the eyes, especially all that harsh white.

I love it. Nice clean interface and great social integration. Hotmail felt clunky a bit, but this feels just very very refreshing.

The web design is ok .. But without IMAP it will never be anything more than just a secondary email account for me. I signed up just to take the name I wanted so no one else could.

The best change I've liked so far, that people have yet noticed is that you can multiupload files/ Before you needed each file to be uploaded separately

This needs more leather and paper textures!!!!!!111 I want to pretend I'm reading a real letter because my life is so boring!!!

Seems not to work with Opera (12.00 or 12.01, 64 bit). The links aren't clickable, nothing happens, so I get a list of messages but can't read any.

I like it, can't wait till they replace all of the Windows Live branding

Still only use it for hotmail email though..

I like the clean and spacious look.
I suppose those who don't like it can get creative with Stylish scripts to 'paint the blank canvas'

I don't like that it says Outlook in the logo when I actually have Hotmail. It's a minute picky sticking point for me, however I prefer to see Hotmail.

I'm uber happy with outlook, couldn't be any happier. It's very clean and neat....I wish they would allow us to customize the white background as well.

-But Chrome isn't viewing outlook properly, it's breaking from the right hand side of the grey portion when viewing in maximized window.

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