Poll: IE11, love or loathe?

Microsoft has pushed out the door IE11, and with each new IE release there can sometimes be teething issues. Now that some of you have had time to play with Microsoft’s latest browser, we are wondering if you love or loathe it?

A quick search across Twitter pulls in mixed results, primarily because there are two versions of IE11, the desktop browser and the modern version. There have also been a few compatibility issues as well, but we thought we would ask you, loyal Neowin readers, how your experience has been with IE11.

Let us know in the comments below if you have accepted IE11 with open arms or if you are trying to find a way to go back to IE10 or have already switched to Chrome or Firefox.

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IE11, love or loathe?

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I do front-end development. IE consistently breaks a lot of stuff on updates at a level far above FF and Chrome. Because of IE's sluggish adoption of W3C standards, the web you could be seeing today, you'll have to wait at least another 5 years to get. Wish it weren't the case... but IE11 is nowhere near the quality of the latest Chrome.

I like the Modern version of IE11 a lot. It's fast, and simple. I do have to switch to other browsers from time to time due to render issues, but that's rare since the sites I frequent render just fine and fast.

Vote love, and it's now my main browser (Chrome is second, but I rarely have to use it).

IE 11 is nice, fast, fluid, touch friendly and sync through all my Windows 8 devices. However, it really needs to get better with HTML5 / CSS3 support. IE 11 is a step forward in the right direction, just needs to get a little bit better.

I'm actually quite pleased with the performance of IE11 - it's certainly a big step forward from IE10. That said, IE11 is still lagging behind the other major browser players in terms of HTML5/CSS3 support & compliance.

On the plus side, IE11 starts up a lot faster than other browsers, and it's memory consumption is significantly less than Chrome and Opera with the same identical tabs open.

We've just "bench-marked" IE11, Chrome 31, Firefox 25, Opera 11, and Safari 5, and to our surprise, overall out of the 15 different tests performed, IE11 finished in 3rd place ahead of Firefox in 4th!

The complete test results may be found here:

I quite like it though it's missing a feature I regularly used with the previous version: the overview over all open tabs (CTRL + Q)…

I really like IE11
Especially on my Yoga, the IE11 Metro version is really nice.
Full screen, no clutter and very smooth scroll with touch.

The only thing that annoys me is that the tab order keeps changing

I didn't vote, as the options are too extreme for me.

That being said, I really don't notice any difference between this and IE10. Maybe it's faster, but not noticeably so. Maybe it's just weird timing for me because I just got Google Fiber and EVERYTHING is super fast.

I voted loathe it although that is WAY to strong of a language, but the lack of real options dictates I vote that way!

I had the preview version installed on 6 of my Windows 7 machines and it was great until last months update for it upon which time it did NOTHING but crash.

Back to using IE9 as I've never liked (I loathed) IE10!

Will NEVER switch to Chrome as we are talking REALLY loathe that POS, for sure, and don't really like Firefox.

I use Opera and Seamonkey along with IE.

I don't mind it, but I only spend half my time in Windows, so I don't use it.

Additionally, although they've done a lot of work on the rendering side, the application itself feels old and various parts of the UI are very inconsistent.

Its new development tools are much better but other than that there isn't anything worth getting excited about. Sure it's fast, but the user interface isn't particularly user friendly compared to what Chrome is in its current version.

Loathe it.
Although often reported by many users in previous versions of IE, the "start with tabs from the last session" is STILL broken in IE11.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Start IE, go to "Internet Options".
2. In General tab, click radio button "start with tabs from the last session"
3. Open one or more new tabs that aren't your usual home page.
4. Restart Windows (voluntarily, or when required by Windows Update etc).
5. Restart IE.
6. Note that it opens with home page tabs, NOT tabs from last session.
7. Note also that the "Restore Last Session" option is greyed out.
Result - tabs from last session don't open, despite purported option to do it.
So open tabs always lost after restart.

With Firefox, by contrast, last session always opens flawlessly, whether after system restart or any other time when it's been closed and reopened.

MS, this is seriously unimpressive given that you are keen on promoting IE, the problem is longstanding and wellknown, and it is hardly an obscure flaw - it's one of the first options offered.

IE11 is my Primary browser lately.. EPM enabled+64bit, EasyList TPL, ActiveX disabled+Smartscreen Filter, the thing is faster than any other browser, so it would seem

I voted Love It since I don't hate it and there is no neutral option. Although IE has improved dramatically, I cannot leave Firefox with its extensions. They're just too useful and difficult to find replacements in alternate browsers. Furthermore IE is Windows-only and unavailable as a portable browser.

IE is my main browser, but I don't like the version 11 except for the search and settings menu. I prefer IE 10. I think the performance/compatibility is better in IE 10.

drseuss said,
IE is my main browser, but I don't like the version 11 except for the search and settings menu. I prefer IE 10. I think the performance/compatibility is better in IE 10.

compatibility may be better in IE10, because of the user agent change in IE11:

However the rendering engine itself is highly compatible with IE10.

about performance issues, there is no reason for ie11 to be slower than ie10.

check in tools, addon management, and disable every browser extension or plugin except Flash player. That may solve your speed issue.

It is not just about the speed. The most annoying thing is PC's fans running at high speed most of the time. (not sure CPU/graphic ones) IE 11 often crashes on pinned sites (never had a crash in IE 10). There are some problems with the new tab (opened & closed immediately, can't search from the url bar as soon as I open IE from pinned sites).

drseuss said,
It is not just about the speed. The most annoying thing is PC's fans running at high speed most of the time. (not sure CPU/graphic ones) IE 11 often crashes on pinned sites (never had a crash in IE 10). There are some problems with the new tab (opened & closed immediately, can't search from the url bar as soon as I open IE from pinned sites).

definitely not things that happen on clean installs of IE11/windows.

there is something wrong on your computer that is causing these troubles.

it can be a crappy browser extension (try to disable them all), or any other app on your PC that may be trying to inject code in IE.

such an app could be a malware, an antivirus, a security tool, ...

I would advise you to do a clean install of windows if possible, and I'm pretty sure you won't see these problems happening on IE11 (unless you install again the same app that was causing these troubles in the first place).

Had to pick Loathe it, even though I think MS is doing a bang up job on the browser. I can't pick Love it, because that implies I use it. For as nice of a browser as it is turning out to be, I still prefer Firefox. If MS added support for extensions -- for that matter Firefox extensions, so they have an installed base of extensions, then I would switch in a heartbeat.

I have no opinion of it. I'm a web designer and browser standards used to really annoy me, but now it's at a point where the playing field is a lot more levelled out and in 99% of cases when I create something it looks fine across the board without needing to make changes. So now it's all about which one you prefer.. not which one renders best.

I don't notice it being any different than IE10 (and that's a good thing). Could be better but nothing is missing that would be a deal breaker. A couple of internal sites at my workplace is IE only, so I need to open it the first thing in morning. But at this point, it is good enough that I don't mind keeping it open rest of the day. That, and the fact that Chrome is no more the lean, nimble, petite thing it used to be in its early days.

Somewhat true, but there are a lot of people from other demographics who parrot "ewww, IE" just because someone told them IE sucked back in 2006.

It's got a lightning quick engine but it's utterly uncustomisable in any way that makes sense, so it's still unusable as a day to day browser.

I have no idea why MS don't embrace extensions properly.

Oh, I forgot another major reason why I don't use it. In Windows 8 it doesn't support cleartype, so any webpage with text looks God-awful.

They look fine if your screen has a pixel density over 200dpi. Otherwise, a lack of cleartype looks awful.

This isn't something you can debate, they've official said they don't support cleartype with Windows 8 - in IE, in Office 2013 and in the Modern UI.

MS has embraced extensions since IE6 or so. If written properly back then, they usually still work on latest couple of IE's.

Also themes, try Maxthon or any other browser that's build on top of Trident.

Don't forget, IE is just a front-end for Trident, nothing more.

But they don't run unless you have the toolbar displayed. Each extension has its own toolbar. You can't resize these toolbars, you can't put them on the same row as something else, like the bookmarks bar or search bar - you can't do anything with them.

If you use 5 extensions you have 5 extra toolbars. It's just silly.

I like it a lot, but do have issues. None of them are directly related to IE11 though.

LastPass has been acting strange with IE10/IE11 on Win8/8.1. I'll log in and it'll forget that I logged in moments later.

IE10/11 on Win8/8.1 crashes a lot for me. I've narrowed it down to GPU related, it works fine when I disable hardware acceleration. It's fine on the systems I've used with Intel only, but this NVIDIA Optimus setup is screwing something up. Latest drivers from Intel/NVIDIA are installed and it's still not fixed.

My employers website lags quite severely in IE11. Then again 2006 called, they want their web design back.

The D2D/WARP components in Windows 8/8.1 (and those backported to Windows 7 for that matter) are known to be flaky on some dual GPU setups, especially when one of them is an Intel onboard. The only option may be to disable your Intel onboard if you don't use it for Quicksync

I have been using IE as my primary browser since IE10,IE10/11 are also more secure regarding cross site scripts, Chrome just loads them...

I love IE11 on my laptop running 8.1. It has finally taken over as my primary browser for personal use over FF, though it and chrome are still there for backups. Now if only my company would abandon IE8 on our destkop images (Win7) and move on to at least 10, I'd be completely happy.

More than a few websites do not render properly. Used to have a compatibility button to the right of the address bar that was easy to see, and fairly easy to use. Now I have to click on tools, and go to compatibility settings to "Add" certain sites to make them work. I think the average consumer would spend hours trying to figure out why there banking site is not displaying correctly.

Also wish there was a "paste and go" command in the address bar like there is on IE11 Metro.

And why not have a feature that forces the entire browser back to a freshly installed state, to get rid of any toolbar and addon invaders that our relatives get themselves into.. Reset does not quite accomplish this.

Other than that, love it.

"Loathe" I not loathe the IE, but I don't like it. I miss too many small little helper features that Chrome have already. IE is okay, and it's my system default browser, but 90% of time I use Chrome. The poll need more choices, lover or hate is not enough.

Haven't actually used it yet, but given that it's IE, that's a good thing. Not because I don't like it, but because since IE10 they've been pretty damn good about adhering to web standards, and my pain point on Windows is more often Chrome!

I like it, it's pretty good. When I installed the leak, it was unstable (youtube would always green screen). after the update, it works perfectly.

The thing about browsers though is that sometimes things work and don't work back and forth. I install both fox and ie at the same. Most of the time IE is my browser, but for sites that don't login correctly, i try fox for those sites.

I have run into the problem on 3 different pcs with IE11. IE11 freezing is a known issue. That's why Microsoft released a reliability patch for Internet explorer 11.

Edited by zhangm, Nov 29 2013, 5:42pm :

so far it is not compatible with many of our custom web apps at work so we have blocked it in WSUS a lot of the kerberos authentication features are broken for some reason with our domain.

IE11 has a lot of issues with certain MS sites. Go Figure.
I usually use Chrome

There is one MS site, can't remember which one now, but when you visit it with IE11 is says 'You need to Upgrade your browser to IE5' lol

This is my only issue, it does have compatability issues with many existing sites and tends to freeze when it comes across those. Other than that, it's good.

glen8 said,
IE11 has a lot of issues with certain MS sites. Go Figure.
I usually use Chrome

There is one MS site, can't remember which one now, but when you visit it with IE11 is says 'You need to Upgrade your browser to IE5' lol

most compatibility issues with IE11 come from user agent sniffing.

most of the time, adding a website to the compatibility mode will fix the detection problem, but it will cause the page to be displayed in IE7 mode.


IE11 has awesome cold startup performance, tab tray is awesome responsive, page rendering super fast... Standard support is also great moderate I must say.. Really impressed.

Heavy Linux and FIrefox user here. IE11 is fun to laugh at for old time's sake, but it doesn't suck. I actually really like it on my two computers (both run 8.1 and Ubuntu 13.10). I also find it ironic that as a Linux user I'm more up to date with Microsoft operating systems than most Windows-only users. -__-

Shadowzz said,
In their defense, most Windows only users don't give a rats ass about how, what and why, when it comes to computers

Yeah Neowin is like the Phoronix of OS nerds for Windows. And I use nerd in the good sense. Most Windows users are unfortunately clueless and so n00bish they don't even care to upgrade! It's not that everyone that uses Windows is clueless, it's just the unfortunate fact that most clueless users use Windows because it's popular. If computers weren't everywhere these days they probably wouldn't use them at all! They were hesitant even on 7. It's actually a family member that told me 7 was a drastic improvement from Vista, even with SP2 on Vista. I got them into at least using Linux as a backup.They're avoiding 8 and 8.1 but I bet when 9 comes out they'll get it. And they're avoiding 8/8.1 despite me showing them how to get Aero Glass by bigmuscle and Startisback on it! And I have some Stardock programs like ModernMix. I've made Windows 8.1 ergenomic on my non-touch computers (for the record even thougn I'm not confused by 8 or 8.1), I don't find the Metro UI and all it's apps as a main use, since this isn't a touch friendly ultrabook, tablet, or hybrid device. But I do use it as a complement. Most of the apps now have some polish, are stable, and decent. But they're not meant for a traditional PC. They are well designed though, at least the ones from Microsoft. I remember in the early days of 8 there were lots of apps that just didn't connect or work at all! Now that's fixed. It's too bad the 8 brand name is already tarnished, but the media loves to hate Microsoft and love Apple, so this is no surpise nobody outside of enthusiasts gave 8.1 a second chance at doing what 8 wanted. And for the most part, even thoough 8 wasn't perfect, I honestly liked it better than Vista.

yeah there needs to be another option for "neither; it's ok", but i voted 'love it.' it feels light and quick, much like IE10.

IE11 has become good enough lately to become my primary browser now that I found a decent adblock extension, and especially since chrome has been a sluggish buggy mess for me lately (not loading links, loading some pages slower than IE, scrolling not as smooth). I'll probably be ditching chrome for firefox soon.

Only thing keeping me from using IE fulltime is the lack of an adblock extension for youtube.

If you can afford it I recommend buying a subscription to AdMuncher. It's brilliant and filtering lists are updated daily

Does it block ads on youtube videos? If it does then chrome has lost it's last purpose for me lol. Lately chrome does this thing where the volume slider on a youtube video becomes a static image. 2 reinstallations and removal/installation of my extensions hasn't seemed to fix it -__-

Wapoz said,
Does it block ads on youtube videos? If it does then chrome has lost it's last purpose for me lol. Lately chrome does this thing where the volume slider on a youtube video becomes a static image. 2 reinstallations and removal/installation of my extensions hasn't seemed to fix it -__-

AdMuncher interfaces with the Windows networking stack. It blocks pretty much all advertising in any application that accesses your network connection. I use YouTube fairly frequently and never see advertising so I'm pretty sure it does work. I know AM isn't free but as it doesn't require browser plugins it is very effective

Or make your own hosts file? As I do, screw adblocks, I want that junk blocked from my entire system (network rather tho).

Adblocks take time keeping them updated properly, so does a hosts file

Thrackerzod said,
I'm not sure what the reason is but I confirm it doesn't work in IE 11 on Windows 7 and there is a thread about it on the AdMuncher site, apparently it doesn't work with IE 11 on Windows 8 either.


It still works fine with other browsers on Windows 8.1 though.

I'm pretty sure they didn't release IE11 for Windows 8?

Gotta go with love it. I've been using IE11 on my Surface 2 with zero problems. Plus the font rendering is really good. Synced bookmarks between my S2 and desktop is also a nice touch. It's not perfect but IE11 has enough to make it more than an acceptable browsing experience.

C#Rocks said,
wondering how your overall experience with Surface 2 is going.... should I go with 32GB or 64 GB ?

I have the 32GB S2 with about 34 apps installed (plus the default apps). I still have about 13 gigs left. Sometimes I agonize over having so little space left, but frankly it's not a huge problem yet because the Windows Store isn't as robust as iOS/Android.

Though honestly I probably would have chosen the 32GB even if the Store was more robust. I always delete apps that I don't use anymore. I don't like clutter on my devices, lol.

I also have a 32GB microSD card with 11 gigs of music on it. Works perfectly with Xbox Music. I don't see any reason to leave movies on there. I'd rather just stream movies or download and delete after watching.

32GB vs 64GB really comes down to whether you're a huge app person. I prefer productivity apps with a sprinkle of gaming so I should get by fine with 32GB.

C#Rocks said,
wondering how your overall experience with Surface 2 is going.... should I go with 32GB or 64 GB ?

I'd go with the 64 GB version. I recently went on vacation overseas and my Surface was a great companion to my Lumia 1020 for off-loading and viewing pictures (I took over 1000!). It was comforting to know that I had ample storage to host all those pictures.

Needs a not-so-extreme answer, like "It's ok but not my primary browser." Which is true, rarely use it but I don't gush/rant about it either.

You should add an option for neutral / don't care

My opinion: Microsoft are improving IE with every version and that much I credit them for, but I still find the font rendering horrible and the lack of plugin support is a bit of a no go as well. It's good that Microsoft are putting the heat on the competition again though, competition drives development. Like you, I still stick with Chrome at the moment.

-adrian- said,
I wish it had more love for proper No Script and KeePass Plugin. TPL is alright for add blocking - could be better though

LastPass and Symantec Vault both work fine, so KeePass shouldn't have issues either, did you disable enhanced protected mode under advanced settings?
AdBlock Plus works fine with IE11 as well.

The adblock plus I used was horrible when it came out. Enhance protected mode is enabled but you cant enable or disable specific scripts like you can with notscript on chrome for example. So which Keepass plugin could work without problems? I cant see one. ChromeIPass works really great even though I would prefere keefox for firefox

Steven P. said,
Thing that annoys me the most is that there is no paste and go like all the other major browsers.

The Metro version has paste and go if you have a URL on the clipboard. Desktop doesn't seem to.

Steven P. said,
Voted Love it, but IE 11 isn't my primary browser (that's Chrome atm). I wish IE had more love for extensions.

I don't hate IE either, It's a nice browser, however lack of extensions are what keep me with Chrome. There needs to be a "meh" option for the poll.

Hey Steven, it does have paste and go, the diference, that it isn't on the URL bar, but in the page "body" itself, you just right click on the white space, and there is paste and go

Steven P. said,
Voted Love it, but IE 11 isn't my primary browser (that's Chrome atm). I wish IE had more love for extensions.

extensions are more useful to malware developers than end users.

most users don't use any browser extensions, but a lot of them are infected by adware that injects ads thanks to browser extensions (especially on chrome, I see a lot of users having Flash ads in their google search results thanks to some "popular" adware).

Microsoft is moving away from this vulnerable model with IE Metro.

There is no point in asking a newer browser extension framework in IE since Microsoft wants to push people to a secure, sandboxed OS model (like windows RT). Allowing browser extensions would not make any sense as it would provide an easy way to steal user's data and passwords to malware developers.

I suspect the IE usage numbers for even Neowin have increased as of late, what is the state of browser use across Neowin Steven?

How can anyone even bring up plugins? IE had plugins before Firefox even was in existence. And better yet, those same IE6 plugins usually STILL work on IE10/11!

I want to see your precious Firefox or Chrome do that
Just because MS doesn't let people code addons in a language/dev-environment that's as easy as pie that a nutsack with half a brain could do it.

I've seen dozens...hundreds of decent/good addons in the past 1-2 decades for IE and the average addon for IE if of much better quality then the average addon I come across for FF or Chrome.

And font rendering, I think that's because people are used to crappy renderers like FF or Chrome. They usually make me feel like I'm using KDE or something, although it has improved quite a bit last 1-2 years or so.

Who the hell cares? I tend to prefer plugins that are relevant now to plugins that were relevant in 2001, the reality is, now, that the extensions available for Chrome and Firefox are better in number and capability than what you can get for IE these days. I don't use as many plugins as some other people, but not one of the plugins I do have are available in IE.

Also, sorry to be the barer of bad news but it's up to me to declare what I consider to be better for *my needs*, and the reality is I just don't like the way IE renders fonts. It's not that I can't get used to it, it's not that I don't understand it, I just think it looks horrible. I don't care whether you agree with me or not, your badgering isn't going to change my mind.