Poll: Will Microsoft ever release the Surface Mini?

Earlier this year, when Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3, they were also supposed to release the Surface Mini. After the launch, we later learned that the product was canned and will not be released, at least in that same quarter. Knowing that Microsoft has completed all the design work for the device but has not released it, do you think they will ever release the device?

Neowin was able to dig up quite a few features about the device including its size, the fact that it would come with a pen, and many more details. The product was complete and we had even heard that Microsoft had made around 20,000 of them before putting a stop to the device.

The question remains is if Microsoft will ever release the device. Is there room in the market at the 8in size to support the sales of a smaller Surface and is Microsoft willing to take risks on another Surface when past models have not done so well?

Let us know in the poll below if you think Microsoft will release the Surface Mini at some point down the road.


Will Microsoft ever release the Surface Mini?

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Option 3: Don't care.

As with phones, Microsoft was a day late and a dollar short. They've become followers, not innovators.

Instead of just releasing another failure within an entire line of failures microsoft should just cut the cord on the entire surface line altogether and spend their vast resources on improving their image.

Order_66 said,
Instead of just releasing another failure within an entire line of failures microsoft should just cut the cord on the entire surface line altogether and spend their vast resources on improving their image.

What they need to do is take their ugly crap and pawn it off on some 3rd world nation.

LoL. It shows just how much confidence they really have. Can't blame them though, why have another 900 million dollars write-down? The Surface Mini would be dead on arrival just like Windows Phone.

So apparently a lot of the comments here say that people want big phones now and not small tablets. I hope to G-D that's not the way things are headed because if Microsoft decides to follow that route, I'm not taking a big ass ARM-based phone running the Windows Phone operating system over an actual x86-based touchscreen PC running full-blown Windows I can fit in my hands. The latter is great because it's like the ultimate form of portable computing in my opinion, while the former is pointless to me because phones are something that are supposed to be as small as possible anyways. At least, that's the way I've always felt.

sinetheo said,
Tablets are just a fad. Here is proof http://www.maximumpc.com/best_..._crashing_tablet_sales_2014

The iPad was a single device and like the netbook before it doesn't mean the world is changing and doesn't want a tablet OS either.

Surface will never sell and should be forgotten

Tablets are a "fad" just as much as desktops are a "fad". Kids love them, and they're popular with remote, and mobile users in the Enterprise.

Yeah, tablets in general are popular - just not Windows Tablet. By the time Microsoft release the Mini, the market would have already been satisfied with demand,, so expect the Mini to be canceled or Microsoft to do another inventory "adjustment."

Just like others I think they will release a Surface Mini once they merged Win RT and Windows Phone and Office Gemini is ready

I don't think they should, 8 inchers are starting to lose out to larger phones. Plus with the Note 4 approaching, I would wait it out to see how the iPad mini and comparable fair out.

If I we're them, I'd be building a large Surface Phone, top specs, with a sweet durable pen with a pocket, Office Gemini, Cortana, win.

There's a real problem that a low-end Surface mini will cannibalise sales of the Surface Pro 3 which I believe will eventually become a very successful product. People forget that Microsoft are still quite new to manufacturing computers. The quality of their offering shows that they learn fast and the Nokia acquisition should help their design teams. But there's still a question of distribution. If you want to sell high-end devices - as Apple does and as Microsoft would like to do - you need to have a channel where people can go and see and touch the device before they buy it. Apple has this in place but Microsoft are still a few years behind.

Major_Plonquer said,
which I believe will eventually become a very successful product

How will that happen? Why do you think Surface will eventually become very successful?

I think that tablet sales have peaked already and no Microsoft won't release a Surface Mini, big phones seem to be what people want now, not small tablets.

Too bad that generally people don't want Microsoft phones or tablets, I wonder what MS will do about this.

Phouchg said,
They won't. RT is dead in the water. Quite a shallow water at that.

Has no relevance to an x86 Surface Mini.

1.) Windows RT is far from dead.

2.) The Surface Mini isn't going to be an x86 device. The units produced were running ARM chips.

I agree. They need compelling scenarios to sell such a small tablet. Right now they don't have the breadth of 3rd party modern apps, but I can imagine ads that show the Mini as an Office device that's a companion to a laptop.

I was in a Walmart recently and witnessed a swarm of a dozen sales reps from Frito-Lay, seemingly doing a team-event for training or somesuch. Each had an iPad. And I'm sure back in their cars each had a Thinkpad or Dell also. I can imagine large corporations that haven't yet purchased iPads en-mass would be in the market for a Surface Mini that would do touch-Office in the field, or a Surface Pro 3 that would be both their laptop AND their field tablet to do email, proprietary apps (something so many enterprises have already done on iOS, so MS will have to a lot of catchup here).

Probably.. Zero interest myself, prefer the bigger one, have a few other tablets and the size isn't doing it for me, but there's obviously a market for it.

Didn't Thurott say that Gemini would be out in a few months? If that's the case I think the Mini will be released at the same time. If Gemini is no released until Threshold I don't think we will see this version of the Mini released to the Market, but an upgraded one.