PopCap's Bejeweled Live for Windows 8 posted, then pulled, from Windows Store

If you checked the Windows Store feature in Windows 8 late on Thursday night, you might have seen a listing for Bejeweled Live, a version of the popular puzzle game from PopCap Games. This particular version of the game was previously released for Windows Phone 7. It was listed as a free game so naturally we quickly downloaded it and started making our jewel combinations in three different gameplay modes.

While other PopCap Games have been listed in the Windows Store before as desktop apps, this was the first PopCap game that was made specifically for running on Windows 8 and its Modern UI. We say "was" because a few hours later, we noticed something else. Bejeweled Live was no longer available for download in the Windows Store. It had been pulled from the store front.

What happened? We contacted PopCap Games and its spokesperson said simply that it had been listed in the Store prematurely and that the final release of the game was "still a ways away." So if you were like us and quickly downloaded and installed Bejeweled Live before it left the Windows Store, consider yourself to be lucky.

We also asked if other PopCap games, such as Plants Vs Zombies, would also be released for Windows 8 at some point. Unfortunately, PopCap's spokesperson would not comment on that topic

Image via PopCap

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PGHammer said,
There is a new Bejeweled game in the Windows Store (free section) called Bejeweled Online- placeholder?

I think it's just a badly done clone that...probably shouldn't have even been allowed on there.

PGHammer said,
There is a new Bejeweled game in the Windows Store (free section) called Bejeweled Online- placeholder?

That one is horrible. Music will not loop, the game becomes very sluggish after a few minutes (probably a leak), and you can't even type your name after getting a high score if you use a keyboard and mouse.

Noticed that part. It may BE a leak (from Popcap/EA itself); it's a straight port of the browser-based version. (The classic version works well on Windows 8.)

It would be great if we could buy the games for Live Arcade and Windows 8 at the same time using the same store. Sorta like Steamplay.