Popular OS X music organizing tool relaunches as TuneUp

Nearly a month ago TuneUp Media Inc. announced that it would no longer be in business and ceasing operations. While there wasn't a formal reason, it seemed that loyal customers would be left without a convenient means to organize their music. Luckily, TuneUp Media has re-emerged as TuneUp with the original founding team along with a group of dedicated former employees at the helm. TuneUp is now owned by GMGP LLC, a company newly created by the original founding team, which acquired the assets from a secured creditor. 

TuneUp is a simple music organizing tool for iTunes and Windows Media Player that will clean and organize your music. It scans your music using an advanced algorithm, labels each track with the correct details, and also eliminates duplicate tracks. To polish your newly cleaned collection TuneUp will also download and apply applicable cover art. 

As part of the launch, TuneUp is reverting to an older version (2.4.8) of its software that was deemed more reliable and accurate by its community. TuneUp is also offering a 30% discount on its software with a 1 year license costing $27.97 and a lifetime license costing $34.97. 

Source: TuneUpImage: TuneUp

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Why is it Neowin writers have so much issue with using the correct name and spelling for Apple's desktop operating system? It's called "OS X" today. Not OSX, Mac OS X, MacOS X or MacOSX.

timicantisano said,
argh ! sorry I will get this fixed and NEVER make this mistake again! My promise to you!

Nice to see you fixed it. Unlike many other writers here.

Wow the cost of the lifetime license is what it use to cost for a year of service. I like it thought, its not perfect but it gets the job done?

Brian Miller said,
Why isnt this built into iTunes?

It is. I fail to see what this tool does, other than maybe using other sources for it's information.

Not only that, if you use iTunes Match, even if your music wasn't originally from iTunes, once it matches it with what's in the iTunes store, you can download that version to replace an older MP3 or whatever. I did that with much of my music library a year ago, replacing most 128kbps MP3's with 256kbps AAC's.

iTunes match took a million years to work on my machine so bad that I gave up on it. And this was with a core i7, SSD drive and 16gb ram.

The information is not correct in the title. I use it in windows for years... And the name was always tuneup. So it is relaunched as was.

Have you had good success with this app? I need something like this for my 100gb music collection. I tried looking for other apps similar to this but not having much luck without doing a lot of manual work.

The old version which is v2.xx works like a charm. Maybe it may require your intervention for couple of albums but most of your songs will be OK.

It was titled TuneUp Media prior and can also be used with Windows. But I always used it on OSX. I never really had use for it on Windows, but something about how iTunes organizes folders, its horrendous.

The company was TuneUp Media, but the "tool" was always TuneUp. The name has not changed. The title is still wrong and old version (which is available now, again) works like a charm.

Remember this a few years back, and it wasn't all that good. That I think was the reason it failed. Will stay with iTunes on my Mac.

yeah I also tried it a few years ago, to ordinary results.. I rarely give software a second chance too.

Sticking with dbpoweramp for now, even though it's manual. At least I know it works and works bang on.