Portal coming to NVIDIA's Shield next week, Half-Life 2 is on deck

A couple of months ago, NVIDIA announced that owners of its Android-based Shield portable gaming console would be able to purchase and download a native version of Valve's puzzle shooter Portal soon. Now NVIDIA has confirmed that the game will be released for the Shield next week.

Android Central reports that the specific date for the game's release will be Monday, May 12th and will cost $9.99. While Portal will be released via the Google Play store, only owners of the NVIDIA Shield console will be able to purchase, download, and play the game.

In a cool twist to this news, Tom's Hardware is reporting that they got an interesting package from NVIDIA this week. It was an Android green colored crowbar with a Half-Life 2 logo and a Shield icon, along with the message "What would Gordon do?" This is a pretty clear teaser for an upcoming release of Valve's classic 2004 shooter sequel Half-Life 2 for the NVIDIA Shield following the launch of Portal. No other details are available yet.

NVIDIA announced in March that the Shield would get a "temporary" price cut down to $199. As of this writing, that "temporary" reduction is still in effect.

Source: Android Central and Tom's Hardware | Image via Tom's Hardware

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These exclusive deals are getting dumber. So not only do you have to be running a Tegra 4, you also have to be running Android, but only on one (seemingly failing? It doesn't appear to have set the world on fire but honestly I've not checked) particular device?

Ugh, just build the bloody game and release it everywhere you can!

iOS, Android, Windows/WindowsPhone Universal, Kindle, OSX... Why restrict your game to such a tiny potential audience who will most likely already own Portal if they cared enough to buy the Shield?

Why aren't NVIDIA helping these games to get ported to the Windows store. Surface 2 uses the same kind of tegra 4 chip, as the shield. Same goes for the TegraZone games, Microsoft should totally drop NVIDIA for Qualcomm for Surface 3.

So the shield version will be more expensive than the PC version?

Heh.... sorry, I understand why but yet, find this funny....

I don't see there being too much crossover between those groups of people that might buy a SHIELD and those that haven't been able to play Portal or Half-Life 2 before...