Possible UK TV teaser for Nokia's Windows Phone

Nokia's big media event in London, also known as Nokia World, is only a few days away. Unless something changes, it's expected that Nokia will use the event to formally introduce its first smartphones that will run Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 operating system. But now there's a new and interesting development. UK TV networks are running very brief teasers that show some extreme close-ups of a smartphone.

The ads, first spotted by MyNokiaBlog.com, can be seen in the video below. As you can see, they are silent, take up just a few seconds, and are placed in between longer 30 second commercials. The blog speculate that the phone being teased is the Nokia 800, otherwise known as SeaRay, which if true would be the first public ad for the Nokia Windows Phone device.

Nokia has already said it plans to put out a huge marketing campaign for its Windows Phone products and if this is indeed the beginning of that effort we like what we see. The teasers make the phone look mysterious and somewhat futuristic and that's needed in order for the public to at least look at another smartphone besides Apple's new iPhone 4S.

Of course, all speculation will end soon as the Nokia World keynote address is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, October 26 at 9 am London time (about 4 am Eastern time here in the US). While Microsoft has a lot riding on the success of Nokia's devices, it's safe to say that Nokia has the most to gain if it can sell Windows Phone-based devices and the most to lose if it fails.

Image via MyNokiaBlog

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Hmm, exciting stuff. I'm not sure what Nokia have up their sleeves.
One thing that we can all be sure about is that there'll always be a DFS sale.

Looks like MS and Nokia are getting their foot on the gas.. As expected... Gonna be a hot Xmas period.. If they play right and deliver on the goods our friends in Cupertino will have to work overtime during the Xmas period.. Just to mak sure they do not fall behind..

The 'N9' like WP7phone is one sleek device.. trust me..

And to those whining about the articles not being factual.. get a life.. These are gonna be a fun few months and it's not all serious fact finding around here. there are other sources for that.. We are a techblog/gadget/geek people and love a good build up..

Something is going to happen... something wonderful..

I think reports on Neowin should be more fact based and opinions kept to the editorials. I've noticed this more and more about the articles on Neowin, where the author's opinion seems to have crept into the article.

"The teasers make the phone look mysterious and somewhat futuristic and that's needed in order for the public to at least look at another smartphone besides Apple's new iPhone 4S."

Who say's that a phone should look mysterious and futuristic to get the public to look at another phone that isn't the iPhone?

That was just one example... I'm noticing it more and more. News articles should report facts... not facts mixed in with opinions.

I actually saw a video of the Nokia 800, SeaRay, demoed at a some kind of event. It looked the N9 with an extra button for the camera along the right side -- no buttons on the left of the phone.

Also, unlike the N9, the LED flash is now above the camera lens.

@JohnC: Come on, there is a complete video (:12sec) of this advert out there. What you posted is annoying.

That looks sleak!
And Haribo advert, that's a classic.
But I was watching TV burp and never saw that, though they were short in this video.