Start8 0.95

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Start8 gives Windows 8 users the ability to bring the start menu back to their desktop. Not only does it bring the start menu back, you also get many customization options

Multiplicity 2 Beta

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For users that run multiple computers, Multiplicity 2 is an application that gives those users the ability to control and switch between them using use one keyboard and mouse. This lets users eliminate extra keyboard/mouse...

Start8 0.87

· with 13 comments

Start8 is an application that brings back the start menu in Windows 8 and adds more functionality than the previous start menu had.

Acoustic Bridge 1.0

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Acoustic Bridge is out of beta and the 1.0 version has officially been released. Acoustic Bridge is an application that lets users direct audio from one PC to another via your network.

Tiles 1.0

· with 3 comments

Stardock has released Tiles 1.0, which is a new navigation utility for Windows. Tiles places a side-bar on your Windows desktop that lets PC users organize active programs, application, and documents.

WindowBlinds 7.3

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Stardock has released the 7.3 update for WindowBlinds. WindowBlinds is an application that lets users completely change the look and feel of XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

WindowFX 4.01

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WindowFX 4 is a Windows app that lets you add special effects to your windows, enhancing your desktop experience. What's in this update: Added friction slider for momentum windows Tweak to how sticky notes are handled with darken...

WindowFX 4

· · Hot! with 17 comments

WindowFX is the best way PC users can spice up their systems look-and-feel while still adding productivity benefits (such as maximizing windows to a specific size). New in version 4.0: Custom window animations Enhanced window resizing options when...

Elemental: War of Magic 1.1 Released

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Stardock has released version 1.1 which is a huge update to its fantasy strategy title, Elemental: War of Magic. Elemental Lead Producer Derek Paxton (aka Kael) says, "The 1.1 patch for Elemental: War of Magic is...

WindowBlinds 7.2

· · Hot! with 25 comments

WindowBlinds is the application to completely change the look and feel of Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. It has been downloaded over 16 million times on alone, and there are thousands of...

Fences Pro 1.1

· with 3 comments

Fences is the widely popular application from Stardock that helps you wrangle up those icons spread out all over your desktop. The v1.1 update for Fences Pro is out today with various fixes and...

IconPackager 5.1

· with 3 comments

IconPackager lets Windows users change hundreds of icons at a time using packages of icons. These packs of icons, which hundreds are available to download, can change nearly every Windows icon including all types...

DeskScapes 3.25

· with 6 comments

DeskScapes is an application that gives users the ability to animate their Windows desktop with video and dynamic animated wallpapers. DeskScapes can also manage your animated wallpapers, including static wallpapers with support for multiple...

ObjectDock 2

· with 11 comments

ObjectDock 2 is a popular Windows dock application that has been downloaded nearly 10 million times on alone! This new version is a significant upgrade over v1.0 and much user feedback has been...

WindowBlinds 7.19 Beta

· with 10 comments

A new WindowBlinds beta has been released bringing several new features and compatibility fixes. WindowBlinds lets you completely change the look and feel of the Windows operating system to any one, of thousands of...

Bethesda Softworks' Available on Impulse

· with 2 comments

Bethesda Softwork's titles, including the award-winning Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion are now available for purchase and download on Stardock's Impulse platform for PC Games. “We are very excited to have our titles...

Impulse Top 10 for July 10th

· with 6 comments

The latest charts for Impulse have been released for the week ending on July 10th. With the targeted release date of Elemental: War of Magic inching closer and closer, the pre-order has topped the...

SkinStudio 7.1

· with 11 comments

SkinStudio is the application that allows you to visual styles (also called skins) for use in Windows when applied with WindowBlinds. These skins can be used on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. ...

Impulse Top 10 for June 26th

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The Impulse top 10 sales for June 20th to June 26th are published today. Sins of a Solar Empire and its micro-expansions have once again claimed top spots! Sins of a Solar Empire - Trinity...

Fences and Fences Pro 1.01

· · Hot! with 4 comments

Fences is an application which helps you organize and de-clutter your Windows desktop by creating “Fences” in which icons are contained. These Fences are shaded areas in your desktop that can be...

DeskScapes 3.2

· with 8 comments

DeskScapes is an application that allows you to have animated wallpapers on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. One of the big new features in v3.2 is the ability to recolor static wallpapers which...

WindowBlinds 7.1

· with 7 comments

WindowBlinds is a application that allows users to customize the user interface of Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. By applying “skins,” WindowBlinds can easily change nearly every element of the Windows experience including the...

Impulse Top 10 for May 1st

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The latest top 10 best sellers list for the previous week has been posted for Impulse. Topping the list once again are the micro-expansions for Sins of a Solar Empire, along with Armada 2526...

SoundPackager 1.3

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SoundPackager is an application that allows Windows users to easily and safely change the sounds in Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Instead of just changing one sound at a time, SoundPackager applies "packages"...

Tweak7 1.01/TweakVista 2.01

· with 7 comments

Tweak7 and TweakVista have both been updated this week. Whether it is for Vista for Windows 7, Tweak can configure the OS to help improve the performance and behavior of Windows. Tweak7 and...

Impulse::Reactor Debuts at GDC 2010

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The 2010 Game Developers Conference (GDC) was held in San Francisco last week, and during the conference Stardock unveiled more details about the upcoming Impulse::Reactor technology. This is a new development tool that publisher/developers...

Multiplicity Pro 1.24

· with 2 comments

The v1.24 update has been released for Multiplicity and Multiplicity Pro. Multiplicity is an application that allows users to control several PC’s with only one mouse/keyboard without the need for additional hardware. Multiplicity...

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