Power outage at Bellevue campus causes delay in Microsoft's analyst meeting

It seems that Microsoft's decision to hold its first analyst meeting in two years at its Bellevue, Washington office was hit by technical difficulties. During the middle of a presentation by the company's chief operating officer Kevin Turner, the live stream of the meeting was cut off.

As it turns out, the issue was power, or the lack of it. In a post on the Microsoft News Twitter page, the company stated:

Because the power outage affected the live stream of the event to the people who could not attend, (including members of the press) Microsoft decided to halt the proceedings in Bellevue while it could be fixed. The power outage, and the interruption in the live stream, lasted for about 30 minutes or so.

However, the meeting then resumed with the next part of the session, which was a technology panel with several members of Microsoft's team. The company said that Turner's full presentation, which was interrupted by the blown fuse, will be uploaded to Microsoft's investor website in the very near future.

Source: Microsoft
Fuse box image via Shutterstock

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Albert said,
blame the start menu! or rather the lack of it!

Someone "touched" the wrong tile and it shutdown.
Couldn't find the start menu to start it up again

Heh, I work for a large IT firm as well and the power to our entire campus was knocked out a couple weeks ago when our power supplier had some sort of fault. Fortunately we're now officially almost entirely off the grid so hopefully that never happens again.

Spicoli said,
One power supply couldn't knock out an entire campus even in a dead short and being "off the grid" doesn't have anything to do with overloaded circuits.

I said power supplier, meaning the electric company - they had some sort of hardware fault that knocked out power to us and a large chunk of the two cities around us. The off the grid comment means we largely don't have to worry about the electric company anymore.

LightEco said,
How are you going to be off the grid? Will you be generating 100% of your own power?

Yep. We built the largest solar field in our state that's been online since last summer. We also built 6 wind turbines late last year as well and now that the infrastructure is in place to get the energy from them to our campus, they're all finally operational. Along with those, all our heat and AC come from geothermal energy.

Hum said,
blown fuse ? How primitive.

How is it primitive? They still use fuses in high voltage lines. Not everything uses breakers. But more then likely it's a breaker on one of their main lines. Heck when power goes out people still say a fuse blew at the power plant

I'm sure that's all the switchgear Microsoft have on their campus. So easy, anyone could reset a popped breaker (with a screw driver) eh?

Reminds me of those Microsoft xbox ads with Japanese girls having a great old time playing with the xbox/controller. Someone forgot to tell them they need to connect a power cord to the xbox tho!