PowerArchiver 2007, Version 10.21 RC1

PowerArchiver is a complete archive utility for Windows. Supported formats include ZIP, RAR, ACE, and CAB. Also includes automated backup and SFX utility.

This is BETA software!, please use caution when installing it on your system

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Skyfrog said,
I think they are adding unicode support in 10.5

They better do... fast.
I love the PowerArchiver application, even have bought it coupla' years ago, but inability to deal properly with Cyrillic in file names still pees me off.

Thanks for the heads up - will hope too that Unicode support will finally arrive.
(God, somebody is still living in a world of only Romanic language characters...)

th3rEsa said,
I see. But it sucks. :rolleyes:

It does while you haven't got used to the whole ribbon interface paradigm.
Once you do, it stops sucking and starts to be rewarding.
Applicable to all programs using Ribbon-based interfaces, starting, of course, with Microsoft Office 2007.

But I have to admit, the learning curve for Ribbon is slow. Lots of people are pleading that they never will use this "abomination"...

... until they "get it" and never complain again after 4 hours of Ribbon use.

It's from Office, not Vista. I see what you are saying though, we should all just stick with the same interface style used since the Xerox Star, right? Every time something changes, even if it's for the better there are groups of people whining about it because they fear change. Then they all get used to it and life goes on.

I'm glad more applications are starting to utilize Office 2007's amazing interface. Finally! I am currently starting development on an app using the Ribbon. Visual Studio 2008 makes this ridiculously easy.

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