PowerUser.tv Ep 11: ISP Wars, Killing Game Designers & More!

This week Kristin and the gang (minus Tom Chick) at PowerUser.tv discuss the recent Cogent vs. Level 3 issue. Brad Wardell rants against a holier-than-thou attorney who is willing to donate $10,000 to charity if someone creates a game about killing game designers. The gang takes on Best Buy's upcoming policy of selling used games and some news from the week from Neowin.net's home page. Tom Chick will return next week with his Pick of the Week and gaming news.

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Brads attitude

Since this was discussed on the show I just wanted to chip in by saying that when I read Brads comments on Wincustomize he often comes across in a negative way. Now what's interesting is that listening to him in the podcast, his attitude is just the same as it is on Wincustomize but he comes across as very positive and really likeable. I'm glad I got a chance to hear him in audio because it helps fill in the blanks when I read him in text. Hope that makes sense.

My random death threats are more amusing when done by voice...