PowerUser.TV: Episode 61

PowerUser.TV has a fresh episode up in which we get into some of the hot topics that have been heavily debated recently here on Neowin.net. HD-DVD vs. BluRay is discussed. In addition, Xbox360 vs. Playstation 3 vs. the Nintendo Wii are disected and much more. And there's talk about a potential Apple iPhone.

Only one more show after this for the year. Check it out!

View: PowerUser.TV: Episode 61

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After the next show, other shows will only be specials (basically when we have time).

The killer, as other people who have done podcasts can tell you, is the editing.

The last few shows (which I wasn't on) had less time budgeted to editing and even with some editing but not as much as they should, the quality really took a beating. Without good editing, the shows really meander around.

A typical show takes around 8 hours to edit decently and it's just too much to do on a regular schedule. But there will be other shows but I'd rather see the topics drive the show airings rather than the time.

It's to bad there will only be one more show. This has become a part of my life on Monday evenings and it will be missed. :disappointed:

Ehm, he only said that this is the last show for 2006... "Only one more show after this for the year"
So it means "I do only one more show this year, after this one"

Dont go. Dont go. Dont go. Dont go. Dont go. Dont go. Dont go. Dont go. Dont go. Dont go. Dont go. Dont go. Dont go. Dont go. Dont go. Dont go. Dont go. Dont go.
I'll miss you guys but as i myself am moving to a dialup luvin country, i hardly would have the chance to download the show anyways. Ive got all 61 episodes saved with me. They got me through a tough year of commuting for an hr to uni. Like many said, we can get the tech news elsewhere too, there is RSS and digg, but tuning in for poweruser tv was a thing in its own. I enjoyed the banter too. Infact i turned in just to listen to that. Where else can you find the CEO of a company doing the monkey dance? or the communications officer picking nose, or the gaming guy allllll the way from nowhere tuning in to give a review on the game thats kicking his butt.

Yeah, makes me sad they are ending it too. Overall its one of my favorite podcasts, and i will miss it.

It makes me want to buy stardock products (listen to that Brad)

I'd like to note that it did make me buy Object Desktop, but 2 weeks after I bought it my laptop died and I bought a Macbook Pro. And I'm waiting for Vista to install Windows on my mac. I still bought it though!