PPG Industries continues IT success with Windows Vista

After some positive feedback from customers about last month's customer interview with City of Miami, The Windows Blog has come out with another Windows Vista customer insight. The Windows Blog interviews Mike Calabrese, Senior IT Architect - Global Desktop Services of PPG Industries, one of the world's leading coatings and specialty materials companies, about what keeps him up at night, and how Windows Vista helps address some of his biggest challenges.

When asked whether there any benefits using Windows Vista in the IT Environment, Mike replied that Management is another area where Windows Vista adds value and the vast number of group policies provides the ability to customize desktop configurations globally with just a few clicks. PPG is in the process of upgrading 26,000 desktops and laptops to Windows Vista. As a global company, servicing 25 different languages in more than 60 countries, one key benefit PPG has seen upfront is the ability to create and deploy one global desktop image, rather than creating a separate built-from-scratch, localized image for each supported language or country.

The great news for PPG is that its investment in Windows Vista is paying off now and they will have a much easier upgrade path to Windows 7 when they make the decision to deploy.

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Vista isn't bad.. it's just not very good either. Windows 7 will probably address the usability of the OS, but I think the underlying parts of Vista aren't terribly bad at all. Some noticable improvements, and hopefully Windows 7 just ships as a leaner and faster version of Vista that's more pretty. Device Stage is very exciting as well.

But for me -- using Vista at work is do-able but not for everybody. We have a LOT of legacy applications that we run, and as a result a lot of compatibility to check and ensure works properly.

We will see, I think we are going to skip Vista here and go right to Windows 7. I'm hoping for a mid 09 release.

I can list between 10 and 20 reasons why I prefer XP over Vista. But at the current time, I am using Vista because I have no choice. Since Microsoft isn't going to make any patches and updates for XP OS any more I just had to stick with Vista.

Krome said,
Since Microsoft isn't going to make any patches and updates for XP OS any more I just had to stick with Vista.

You were grossly misinformed. Microsoft will support, i.e. continue to create updates and patches, until 2014.

I wasn't a fan of Vista at first. Just too slow. Since buying my Quad Core last year and having Vista on it since the start I do actually like the OS. I dislike the way they move the more advanced options to behind several other windows such as just getting to the Properties window for my NIC. Other than these which I rarely go into (at home anyway), Vista runs just fine.

I said the same about Windows 2000, XP and each time ran them for a long time before moving on. I am sure I will be the same about Windows 7. Half the people typically home users I hear mention their dislike for Vista can't give me a proper reason why. It's all hearsay.

probably didn't get paid, but did get a MAJOR discount in the annual license fees. Just as long as they can talk about how Vista changed their lives. Ask Jerry Seinfeld and the Mohave Project about it.

Even Apple says not to believe their ads.