Pre-order the LG and Samsung Android Wear devices on the Google Play Store later today

After months of being teased, we finally have dates for the first three Android Wear devices. The LG and Samsung Android Wear devices will be available for order later on today via the Play Store. Those of you who have been clamoring to get their hands on the new Motorola Moto 360, will unfortunately have to wait a little while longer, as the device will see a separate release later in the summer. 

With the official announcement of Android Wear, we got a much deeper look at how the platform will look and operate on these devices. Similar to what we saw in the developer preview, Android Wear takes advantage of the new UI from Android L and utilizes voice controls to maximize the functionality of each of the wearable devices. During the demonstration, Android Wear seemed to function seamlessly (with the exception of one hiccup) as various voice commands were tossed its way. 

The full Android Wear SDK will become available today and will give developers the opportunity to create applications that will take full advantage of building custom UI's, controlling sensors, voice actions, and sending data to and from the wearables. 

Update: The Samsung Gear Live will be available for $199.99 USD on July 7th, 2014 from the Google Play store, Best Buy, and Amazon. 

Source: Google I/O and Samsung | Image via Google

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I think this to work needs to have Lumia's Glance feature.

Basic display showing pure numbers and small notification icons when the phone is locked. Rich app info in a circular or square style depending on the watch's form and structure. Think of it like the portrait / landscape modes in Windows Phone. Apps can be designed to fit both situations easily.

Take a look at this: Then remove the redundant Lumia logo and the battery status. Also remove the Windows button and the two blue things on the sides. Pure and simple design, would work best. Unlockable by either double tap just like on Lumia devices or a small simple button on the sides not like the hideous ones shown on the link.

Nothing beats a mechanical watch. The design and mechanics are timeless. Ever open the inside of a watch? Lot of time/detail is spent putting it together and making it work.

Now with that said, there is a place for smart watches and whether or not they become popular, who knows. But mechanical watches will always have a place.

Chugworth said,
I suppose you prefer your cell phone to just make calls also?

If we're going to be jumping to conclusions, I suppose you just like trolling?

anothercookie said,
Oh wow it can unlock my phone for me for just $200? I have an iphone that uses my thumbs for free.

iphones are free?

Would like to see these companies start thinking about the design, instead of just the OS and what the watch can do. IMO, they look absolutely hideous.

Chugworth said,
It's a wrist-strap with a screen. What do you expect it to look like?

Why can't a screen look good on a better design? Good thing you're not in control of electrical innovation.

With an always-on LCD screen, don't expect that for quite some time. I think most people take off their watches at night, so as long as it can easily make it through a day I don't think it's that big of an issue.