Pre-order your Xbox One now for €599.00

In case you somehow missed it, Microsoft announced their brand new console, the Xbox One a few days ago. And while most of its features were made public, there’s one thing Microsoft barely mentioned: availability. Right now we know very little about the pricing and launch date.

However, that doesn't mean you can’t still pre-order it. If you’re an early adopter and the Xbox One caught your eye, you can pre-order one right now from for €599.00. Of course this is by no means an official price, it’s just a placeholder until Microsoft announces the real cost later this year. But if you pre-order now Amazon guarantees you will receive the best price once that becomes public.

There’s also no shipping date, though does list December 31st as a release date. Again though, that’s a placeholder pointing at the fact that Microsoft officially said the console would be launched by the end of the year. If we were to take an educated guess we’d say the Xbox One will hit markets in time for the winter holidays.

Source: | Thanks to Alan for the tip!

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As the Xbox 360 has shown us, do not be an early adopter, wait a year until they have all the hardware bugs worked out. Or wait 5 years and get a broken on on ebay for $42 that you can fix LOL

With amazon it does not matter, because it will debt you when the items ship. When the correct price is announced you can kindly cancel the order and put up a new one.

Oooh, can I complain because (in the US) doesn't have it up - that's not fair that the EU gets to preorder before we do!!!! /s

EU only!!!!! omg I hate this site, why doesn't it say its EU only, M$ is a money hording monkey puncher, I blame the author, misleading title, this sucks!!!!! omg omg omg I hate life....... waaa waaa EU only waaaa

Ridiculous price, regardless. Just wait until it's actually out, or has been out for a while, and then get it MUCH cheaper!

Not that I'm even remotely considering getting one, but that's how it works with ANY new gadget!

well yeah, but who is willing to wait months for a price drop or patently wait and work harder to get a used one for $50 less or so rather than a new one on the first day. If you want a much cheaper price you would have to find a rare deal or wait too long. Some people are going crazy now waiting for it. YEEEAAAHHHH!!!!

Companies do this all the time for pre orders where their is no known price. The list a higher price then if it changes to be lower they are covered, if they pisted a price to low the company would have more issues

I would have said yes, however with the uncertainty in regards to the DRM it remains to be seen.

Ive pre-ordered as I would like one on launch day either way.