Pre-orders now live for the Cross Desk; a work desk that doubles as a PC case

Lots of PC hardware enthusiasts want a workstation at home with a powerful desktop PC. Now, a company is offering to give them a true "desk PC" with the Cross Desk, which combines a well built workstation desk with features that will allow people to install PC components inside.

The desk is being made by Red Harbinger, who recently started taking pre-orders for the Cross Desk on their site. The desk itself is 59.1 inches in length, 28.6 inches in width and  30.1 inches high. The steel and aluminum body has a tempered glass top that lets its owners, or anyone else, see the PC parts inside.

If you are worried about cooling, Red Harbinger says the Cross Desk should be able to handle those hot PC components. It states:

We have worked in the ability to hold 2 x 360mm radiators, one on each side of the desk, as well as 2 x 480mm radiators located in the back compartment.  There are 14 x 120mm fan mounting locations as well as 4 additional mounts for targeted HDD cooling.

The desk can hold four 5.25 inch drive bays, along with 20 3.5 inch drive locations and another 18 2.5 inch drive bays. Obviously, the buyer of the desk will have to supply his or her own PC parts. The price for the Cross Desk is currently $1,699 for a limited time.

Source: Red Harbinger | Images via Red Harbinger

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Dayum, that's awesome. But I wish I had this like 15 years ago when I was a desktop kinda person. I use a DLP now, haven't looked back at conventional monitors since..

NerdyTech said,
Screeens? Bleh. the desk top/glass should be the screens.

Touch screens, would be perfect for Windows 8.

To be fair this is way better than that rubbish crowd funded "gamer desk" which basically had a USB port on it.. rofl

MightyJordan said,
This definitely belongs in the "Why did no one think of this before?!" category. Shame about the price though.

Sounds cool, looks tacky and overdesigned.

I have seen some custom built desks with this concept. This is the first product I've seen. At that size, it should have compartments for 2-3 PC's and a KM switcher, that would be cool.

MightyJordan said,
This definitely belongs in the "Why did no one think of this before?!" category. Shame about the price though.

They have existed in the past, but mostly as a 'hobby' desk, but I think this might be the first attempt at a retail model, and I agree with you on the price