Premium Vista PCs fare well in first week

Microsoft's wish that consumers purchase the premium versions of Windows Vista rather than the most basic version of the OS may be coming true, according to the findings of a research report released Thursday. Research from Current Analysis for the week ending Feb. 3, which covers the first five days Vista was available to U.S. retail customers, shows that sales of PCs with Vista Home Premium preinstalled comprised 70 percent of PC unit sales in the U.S. retail market, while sales of PCs with Vista Home Basic accounted for 22 percent. Windows Vista was released to consumers on Jan. 30.

However, sales of PCs with the most full-featured and expensive consumer version of Vista, Windows Vista Ultimate, were lackluster in the first week, accounting for a mere 1.2 percent of PC sales. However, Samir Bhavnani, the Current Analysis research director who wrote the report, said he expects this will eventually change. "You can expect over time that Ultimate will become a bigger part of the overall mix," he said.

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Don't ya just love talking percentages!!!

77%, 173%, 2000%, 1.2%.....

What does it really mean without a base number to derive the percentages from??


If, in actuality, the PC biz only sold 100 computers in the first week Vista was released, and 77 of them had Vista on them....well, there's your 77%.

Take that into consideration that OEM sellers do not give you a choice of what OS you want when you're at the retail store....well, sure, that's gonna jack up the percentages. If you ask me, you should be able to walk up to the counter, say "yeah, I'll take that Dell right there....with Linux, or XP Media Center....or Vista"....and have them install it for you. Kinda like a restaurant....they make the food a certain way, but at least you get to say what goes on your plate.

Let's see the "percentages" then.

Ya see....if it comes preloaded, that should not account for the sales of the OS. Like Goodyear jumping up and saying that their tire sales rose because there's more sales in cars....simply because a vehicle has to have tires to move.

An educated consumer doesn't always go with what's handed to them by default.

The reason Vista probably had any reported favorable findings is because the people using the O.S. most likely didnt know much about it, therefore didnt know if/when something wasnt working right.

From what I can remember from looking in the loca Sunday paper ads here (Pensacola, FL), I don't recall seeing a single PC listed with Vista Ultimate on them. All were Home Basic, Home Premium. Might have seen one or two laptops with Business on them. If the companies actually started to advertise the systems in the sale ads with Ultimate, the sales figures might go up a little. But then again, those chimpy little $400'ish systems are not going to have ultimate on them anyways.

In the stores around here machines are all selling with Home Premium on them. Only Dell had bother with Home Basic.

The cost for a dual core machine with 1Gig of memory and Home Premium was $600 so I'm guessing the BIG OEM's are getting a pretty good discount on it.

Looking at the price difference:

Home Basic = $100
Home Premium = $120
Ultimate Edition = $200

Why not spend an extra $20 to get the Premium.

I'd like to see the total sales figures broken down into the groups available.
Vista retail vs Vista OEM. Naaaaaahhhhh that's not going to happen. If
everyone knew that you could buy a stripped down OEM copy, without the
pretty box and crap that comes in the pretty box, MS wouldn't make as
much $$. I'm surprised that they didn't tightened the requirements to
purchase OEM disks.

I payed just short of £70 for my copy of home premium OEM. Microsoft want £140 for the anytime upgrade to ultimate, at that price I mayasell buy it myself.

maybe if microsoft decided to drop the price for ultimate then people may consider buying it. i ended up with ultimate oem for £110, instead of the retail ultimate upgrade @ £250.

prices should be at least half of what they are at the moment...