Press image of the Moto X+1 leaks


Motorola has been rumoured to launch its next flagship on September 4th, and now a press image of the device has surfaced online through @evleaks, who recently retired from the online leaks gig.

The smartphone alleged to be launched under the name Moto X+1, has leaked in numerous blurry photos previously, but this is the first clear view of the device. 

As you can see in the pic, the Moto X+1 will come in black and white colours like its predecessor and allow customizing the back plates, which was one of the key features of the original Moto X. Although, this particular image shows the device with Verizon branding, the smartphone is expected to have a global launch.

Alleged specifications of the smartphone include a quad core 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, 5.2-inch display with 1080p resolution, a 13 megapixel rear camera with 4K video recording capability and a 2 megapixel front facing camera.

Motorola will be holding an event on September 4 and it is possible that X+1 will launch at this event in addition to some of the other rumoured devices from the company.

Source and Image: @evleaks 

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The white version in the front looks like a Galaxy device... But at least the build quality will be 100x better. Looks alright overall, but nothing revolutionary.

Anyone else notice the Source link goes to a Indiegogo fund to help evleaks out with medical costs so he can continue leaking Android info?

S801 for flagship is a poor choice. S805 should have been the minimum.

The design is uninspiring. Hope the leaked specs remain a rumour and we see actual product which is far better.

The snapdragon 801 is perfectly fine for that product actually. The Adreno 420 only really comes into it's own at QHD and above, the Adreno 330 will power any 1080p product perfectly well.