Pressure mounts on Google's UK street view service

Google's UK version of street view for Google Maps launched last week in the UK and has created a media circus ever since.

The Google Maps feature, which allows users to browse through popular cities with a set of high quality photos, has created controversy and huge media interest in the UK as many fear for the privacy implications of such a service. Google has begun pulling images that users have found inappropriate.

The Telegraph is reporting that Google has removed images of naked toddlers playing in a garden square in north London that were captured on the mapping system. Google claims users can use the "report a problem" section of Google maps to report concerns about images or have their own house removed. According to the company these reports will be dealt with promptly.

The service has created a media storm in the UK with major broadcasters like the BBC and Channel 4 focusing on the privacy concerns of many home owners. Google insists it has followed strict guidelines and consulted the UK's authorities on any privacy concerns.

The company has removed several images but we have compiled some British classics below (fortunately for British wildlife, Bambi hasn't been killed, yet):

London man puking up on pavement

Kids throwing stones at house

Where's wally?

London workers perv at Electric Dolls on a photo shoot

Taking a nap or slightly drunk?

If you gotta go, you gotta go!

Naked fence painting, an emerging British trend

Who lives in a house like this?

Lucky this mans face is blurred

Parking wardens out in force

Two red light dodging cyclists crash to a halt

A bin collector peers into another English tradition, boobs on Page 3

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Sean Bradford said,
I don't quite understand this one and the caption?

It's a sex shop, and far too many people are prudes :P

I don't quite get the traffic warden one, myself.

Tom W said,
He's walking out of a sex shop....

Oh, all I can see from the name of the store is:

Se Shop

Thought it was another dodgy store over there :P.

Who thinks about being published to the internet and beeing wathed by millions, when doing things in the city or his houses...

after painting the fence nude dude, and passed-out drunk dude, two dudes giving a parking ticket seems kinda...lack luster. Phunny shots should be better organized for maximum lulz.

This article really has brightened up my day as I'm in lectures and at work from 9am until 10pm! Thanks, Tom! :D

The guy painting the fence naked is hilarious! I feel sorry for the guy being sick :D

It's good that Google are being quick to remove pictures which people complain about though. No one I've spoken to seems to mind Google Streetview - we've all been searching for where we live

Meh. Note how ALL faces there are blurred, where they're looking into the camera. Google's face recognition tech is very accurate, and I think that they try hard enough for their case to hold up in court. Besides, these people are all legal to photograph -- *without* blurs.

Well, you lose the drunkards on the street in the US cause usually they're hidden away or it's at night.

It's funny that they caught that photoshoot though, whoever the Electric Dolls are.

All this hype from a country that has cctv cameras almost literally on every corner. Is it just because they can actually see themselves online? Who remembers the bores or was it boring from the us complaining? Just hit the report button for christs sake ...

Before anyone says anything, check my profile I am from the UK. Maybe we are just a nation of moaners? I know I am myself at times ...

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