Prices for some Xbox One exclusives hiked in Europe [Update]

Microsoft has raised the price of digital downloads of Xbox One exclusive games Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome by £5 each, adding to the high price already set for the games on the next-gen console.

The games which were initially available for £44.99 are now sold at £49.99. Both Sony and Microsoft have received criticism for high pricing of the digital versions of games on their respective next-generation consoles but instead of lowering the prices Microsoft has chosen to increase the price for the Xbox One exclusives. Sony on the other hand lowered the prices in European markets, which are still higher than the Xbox One pricing.

Disc-based games are currently available at prices around £55, which is now very close to the digital download prices effectively reducing the price advantage that existed earlier. Microsoft hasn't issued a statement regarding the price hike yet so it cannot be confirmed whether the earlier pricing was part of a launch offer.

Xbox One was launched on November 22 and was well received by gamers as Microsoft managed to sell 1 million units in the first 24 hours. The console has received good reviews and has a decent set of launch titles.

Update: Microsoft has confirmed the price hike and following is the email response sent to VG247 by a Microsoft spokesperson:

Yes, pricing for select digital content in some markets has changed since launch. Digital content pricing is subject to change and we may occasionally offer various deals or promotions. Ultimately pricing and promotions will vary by region.

Source: NOWGamer

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They wonder why piracy happens... Try lowering the price and stop holding games back from release even when ready ffs.

It's a joke here in the UK and rest of EU, costs like well over a days wage just for a game. (that might not sound like much to some, but here with all these tax's and heating/electric costs it is allot i can assure you.)

When there is this much greed i support piracy or at least pay what you can afford (like a pay to play per time spent that gets cheaper the more you play or something)

No one pays RRP on games iif they can avoid it. Im pretty sure Asda were selling for the same price.

Also - I;m pretty sure amazon are doing nothing illegal. People forget that a companies first duty is to its share holders. Not to pay more tax than it needs to.

Wow Jeez if I buy 5 PC games in a year for £30, I'll have spent less than someone who bought 3 console games in that same year?

Something to think about...

In 1yr the prices of these new games will be dirt cheap, that's when a lot of people will buy a new console when they can get 6 games for £100. Until then the prices are out of reach of the majority of gamers.

I'm glad that the download versions are cheaper, but I have a feeling that once more people start buying the consoles after a few months and more games get released.. this will reverse.

I know, as well as other services like and Green Man Gaming, but on consoles it's usually quite a different story. I've (in the past) seen games on PSN which are up there for £49.99 you can buy new from stores for £14.99, it seems like they will never reduce the prices unless they're on some kind of promotion... after which they shoot back up to the full price. I just have a feeling that hasn't changed.

If they are selling for 55 in retail and paying 50 for digital consider yourselves lucky.. here in the states they are the same price (sometimes higher due to retail sales)

Geezy said,
That's £55, not the same as $55! Not lucky at all! That's $90 son!

What he's saying is that you guys get the download version for cheaper than the retail version, which makes sense. There's no packaging, no warehouse storage, no disc printing etc.

In the US the download and disc versions cost the exact same. I could go to gamestop and pick up assassins creed 4 for $60, or I could go to steam and buy it for $60. Which doesn't make sense at all.

Stupid so if you download a game it's more!! hold on so we save on petrol, packaging etc yet we still pay more.. stupid!!

Orange said,
Stupid so if you download a game it's more!! hold on so we save on petrol, packaging etc yet we still pay more.. stupid!!

At least its cheaper in the EU, in Australia they're up to $20 more for digital than physical! Luckily its really easy to buy games from the US region store using PayPal on an Australian account.