PS3 Dev Kit Cost Halved

Sony has slashed the price of its PS3 development kit and promised further reductions as more studios adopt the technology, reports. The PlayStation 3 Reference Tool will now be available for EUR 7500 here (GBP 5,357), JPY 950,000 in Japan and USD 10,250 in North America. "As more and more new titles are developed for the PS3 format, SCEI will significantly reduce the price of the Reference Tool in order to contribute to the cost saving measures of the development community," said Sony. The console giant has also begun to integrate new programming tools into the PlayStation 3 Software Development Kit from SN Systems, including confusing things like ProDG, SN Distributed Build System, SN Linker and SN Compiler.

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360 has a dev-kit but it mostly is real c++ so I don't think there is even a need for it other than maybe specifications for handling the controllers and that type of crap, plus the modified preprocessor stuff needed.

I never knew they even charged for these things; I assumed they'd be giving them away to anyone with half an interest; after all it is the publisher who has the final say.

I'm surprised they charge for the dev kit at all, since $10,000 should be a drop in the bucket compared to the licensing royalties they should receive. I suspect maybe this is only to keep unqualified studios from obtaining the SDK. This keeps Sony from having to qualify low-quality games. Maybe the $10,000 is for developer support, too.