PS4 rumored to launch in November, starting at $429

With less than 24 hours to go before Sony's press conference in New York City, more rumors have hit the Internet about what might be announced at the event. As we have reported, Sony is expected to officially reveal details about the PlayStation 4, the next version of its long running game console family.

The latest rumors come from Kotaku, who claims via unnamed but reliable sources that Sony is aiming to launch the PS4 in the US in November, with prices that could start at $429 for the lowest end console and $529 for the high end model. The article claims that the official pricing for the PS4 won't be revealed on Wednesday and that the final price could change between now and the PS4 launch.

The article adds that Sony will offer a way to give tablets and smartphones a way to control the PS4, including a way to buy downloadable games via those devices that are then sent to the console. Finally, the story says that the premium PlayStation Plus online service will get a name change to PlayStation World.

In related news, the Internet URL domain name investigator "superannunation" posted word on his Twitter page that Sony has secured several domain names related to the name "PlayStation Cloud". That would seem to be a big hint that the PS4 would have some kind of cloud-based file or game service.

Source: Kotaku

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Captain Peasant said,
They're announcing it within the same year they plan on releasing it. That's a VERY short amount of time to announce a brand new console and then also sell it. Somehow this is a problem for you.

Of COURSE they are going to announce the next xbox this year. Sony is the first to announce it because they want people to be excited about the PS4 first. Whether or not the PS4 is announced before or after the next Xbox is irrelevant, they're both going to be announced THIS year. Sony is not doing anything wrong here.

Like Kunal said, it is not a short period of time... at least for technology.
It is why Apple releases the iphone shortly after they announce it NOT 9+months later.

Believe me, im happy I get to know everything this early... but somehow I have a hunch its not the best marketing idea... All depending on what they show tomorr... today!

They're kind of a different thing really!

We all KNOW the new iPhone is coming out each year, the announcement is practically a formality. One of the more important bits being what the new internals are like.

Consoles are released what, once every 6-7 years? A bit of an extra lead on announcement is a good idea to make sure everyone knows about and is anticipating it on actual launch day.

Kunal Nanda said,

If this is a gap of 10-12 months, that is a LONG LONG time in the technology world. This is NOT a short amount time by any measure. I don't think the release date is going to be November if the announcement is coming tomorrow. It will be much much sooner than that.

Some people do need time to save for this stuff.

Oh, but im highly speculative to what they will show tomorrow...
If they do it right it will be nothing more then a tease...
If they do it wrong, they will show too much 0_0

Thank you for showing things that actually took place in history. Now please hit the giant enemy crab's weak point for massive damage.

I hope there's a price drop for the PS3 in the meantime. I personally feel that prices should be much lower than they are for the PS3 and 360's hardware at this point of their lifetime. Shaving another $50-75 off their prices would seem good to me.

Their prices should've been lower a couple years ago, not just as this point. As for right now, i don't think either platform should be above $149. Considering the sheer age of these things they should have no problem continuing to make a profit at that price($149 or lower) unless they do something ridiculously wrong.

It's very likely Sony had to show their cards before the information leaked out in drips. Also they do have to start production pretty soon to get enough inventory ready for people to buy; unless you want massive backorders. The same for the nextbox - there is not too much they can change at this point as they have to rework the assembly for new parts and its likely the nextbox is either in production already or will be very soon to meet demand and not end up in a backorder situation.

However at $500 Sony is looking to putting themselves in another situation where they may not be price competitive. If MS can put out a box at $350 or lower they have the ability to decimate both Sony and Nintendo.

I dunno - with all the rumors, I'm starting to feel like skipping the next Xbox and going the Sony way, which I haven't done since the original PS2.

All this forced Kinect crap, no backwards compat, preventing used games, the ****ty 360 UI for the last two updates, forced Win 8 UI, etc. I just don't know if I could get behind MS this time.

Anthony Tosie said,
$529 for any model is silly. $425 is realistic, but that's more than either version of the Xbox 360 cost at launch.

As long as the low end model isn't crippled (like the low end models of the previous generation) then I think the $429 price tag is fine. If the low end model can do anything the high end model can do out of the box and still retain a decently sized hard drive then it should be good.

Who even bought the $300 360 other than the people who were forced to when the premium one sold out? It was ****. Didn't include HD cables: $30. Didn't include memory: $40 for a tiny 64MB card or $100 for a hard drive. Didn't include headset: $20. Had a wired controller. The real cost of the cheap 360 was actually at LEAST $340 since you HAD to buy at least the memory card to get it working. If you wanted HD graphics than it was only $30 less than the premium while still having a tiny memory card.

(Spork) said,
if the price's are true wouldnt this drop sony right back in the same place they was with the ps3 ?

No. PS3 was $500/$600.

$429 is only $29 more than the good 360 launched at, and due to inflation has a low real cost than the good 360. The cheap 360 was $300 but you had to buy at least a $40 64MB memory card to get it working and $30 HD cables for HD output. The core 360 was garbage.

I am still holding out hope that we have moved beyond this stupid multi version console release stuff. Just have one version, having 2 just adds confusion to the consumers and hurts your brand in the end. I still remember the terrible Xbox 360 "Core" system.

Two versions is confusing? The more expensive model is for those that want more. I just hope the lower model is decent. If so, then most people will buy that.

Annoys me a bit how pointless it is, having 2 different capacity devices for hugely different prices. I just bought a 500 Gig hard drive separately & swapped it into my 60Gb PS3 =)

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