PSA: $14.99 upgrade for new Windows 7 PCs to Windows 8 ends Thursday

If you have bought a new PC that had Windows 7 installed between June 2nd, 2012 and January 31st, 2013, your time is running out on being able to get a very cheap upgrade to the new Windows 8 OS. Microsoft announced several months ago that anyone who bought a new Windows 7 PCs in between those two dates is eligible to get a downloadable upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $14.99.

However, that offer does not last forever. Indeed, the deadline for all those new Windows 7 PCs to get that very cheap Windows 8 upgrade will end after Thursday, February 28th, as Microsoft mentioned today in a new blog post. If you are in that situation, you need to go to the Windows Upgrade Offer website and type in the information needed to qualify your PC for the cheap Windows 8 upgrade.

If your PC has been deemed worthy, you will receive an email with a special code that you can then use to cut down the price of the Windows 8 Pro upgrade to $14.99. The link to actually purchasing and downloading Windows 8 Pro will be included with your promo code email.

After Thursday, all Windows 7, XP, and Vista PCs will have to abide by the current Windows 8 upgrade prices. The Windows 8 Pro upgrade edition is currently priced at $199.99. The regular Windows 8 upgrade edition has a price of $119.99, while the Windows 8 Pro Pack costs $99.99. Finally, the optional Windows 8 Media Center Pack, which adds the ability to play DVD movies on a Windows 8 PC, has a price tag of $9.99.

The one exception to these prices is for qualified college students in the US who can currently get an upgrade to Windows 8 for $69.99.

Source: Windows Upgrade Offer | Image via Microsoft

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Even though I had already decided that I would not be upgrading to Windows 8, I was really hoping that MS would have kept the ~$40 upgrade price that was part of the release promotional.

That media center pack is BS. Why would I pay $10 for something I can get for free...and shouldnt of been stripped from the OS to be begin with.

Who uses WMP to watch DVDs? Almost no one.
Also pretty much every OEM build available comes with one.
Even the more techy people who have a dvd player from the IDE era, don't bother even connecting it or buying a new one on the new motherboards (which often do not have IDE anymore). And the casual users will have an xbox, PS3 or just a normal dvd player and watch the dvd on a tv.

techbeck said,
shouldn't have been stripped from the OS to be begin with. ...

Blame Motorola Mobiility (aka google) for the mpeg lawsuit.
Blame the Industry / Consumer shift to tablet.

Without these two influences, there would be no need to remove WMC.