PSA: Microsoft's Surface AMA on Reddit begins at 1 pm ET [Update: it's over]

As promised last week, Microsoft's Surface team, including its leader Panos Panay, will be joining the masses on the Reddit website to participate in their latest AMA session. The festivities will begin at 1 pm Eastern time (6 pm GMT)

The AMA event follows Microsoft's announcement a week ago of the Surface Pro 3, their latest Windows 8.1 tablet with a big 12 inch display. The company has since started taking pre-orders for the five versions of the tablet, with shipments of the ones with the Intel Core i5 processor inside to begin on June 20th, and the rest to follow on August 31st.

Of course, Neowin has reported on the rumors that Microsoft was planning to reveal a smaller Surface mini tablet at that same event but those plans were reportedly canceled at the last minute. We don't expect Panay or the rest of the Surface team to talk about the Surface mini during today's AMA event but we will be on hand during the chat if anything interesting is revealed. Indeed, during the last Surface AMA on Reddit in September 2013, the team did officially announce that the Surface RT would be released with an LTE option.

Update: Panay and the rest of the Surface team have completed their Reddit AMA and unfortunately there wasn't anything major announced during the event. There were a few tidbits that were interesting, however:

  • In addition to Microsoft's own retail stores, Best Buy locations will also get demo versions of the Surface Pro 3 on June 6th, two weeks before the first units ship for pre-orders.
  • The team gave a flat out "No" as an answer to a Reddit user question, "Any word on a Surface Mini?" Oh well.
  • Microsoft has prototyped a number of green colored Surface accessories but didn't reveal if any are going to be sold in the near future.
  • When asked by a Reddit user if a Surface Pro with a dedicated GPU could be accomplished, the answer from the team at Microsoft was, "Good idea...." Hmmm.....
  • There's a nice and detailed answer on why the team created the Surface Pro 3 with a 3:2 ratio display during the AMA.
  • There's an even longer answer about the pen support for the tablet which continues in a second thread and concludes in a third thread.
  • Mobile sim card/3G/LTE support for inside the Surface Pro family is "not in the roadmap right now, but we hear the ask" according to the Surface team.
  • The Surface Music Kit that Microsoft showed off during its September press event but never sold to the general public is apparently done. The team said today it was "no longer available".

​Source: Reddit

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And yes I meant Steven Sinofski, the man who wouldn't accept customer feedback during Windows 8 development. I really wanted to buy the Surface 3 but I refuse to buy one with a dumb design flaw. I'll just get a Surface 2 Pro and wait for Surface 4.

I would have liked to ask them "does Microsoft test any hardware because only a MORON would put a Windows Key on the right hand side of the Surface 3 Pro, or are you discriminating against right handed people" and another "Why would you NOT announce something everyone wants like a Mini? Are you guys taking cues from Steven Sinofski but telling people what they want? Cough cough Apple"

"not in the roadmap right now, but we hear the ask"

Is that the new company policy BS speech at Microsoft for every reasonable criticism? They pretend to care what their cash cows (consumers) say, when in fact they dont give a ####?

Edited by zhangm, May 28 2014, 1:01am :

I sounds like they really worked out most of the bad things about N-trig other than the high latency when hovering. I really found the hovering latency to be annoying. Will have to actually test it out to see if the rest of the characteristics really are as good as they're saying.

Enron said,
Someone ask them why they didn't put 4 Windows buttons on the device. I want one on each side.

honestly I prefer very small bezel and no button at all. maybe one physical button on the top will do just fine.

But the Windows button, with its Windows logo, already contains 4 Windows. You also have one big Window to look at Windows, and the Windows button can be displayed in Windows on the Window too.

Enron said,
Someone ask them why they didn't put 4 Windows buttons on the device. I want one on each side.

Lol. That would be insanely hilarious.