PSP ISOs caught loading on the PlayStation Vita

Whether or not you like the PlayStation Vita, handhelds always carry potential and no one understands this more than developers. Wololo, the hacker behind the Vita Half Byte Loader (VHBL) has featured a post on his website which shows off an exploit by a developer under the alias of “Tony” running PSP ISOs on his shiny PlayStation Vita.

The video above shows Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Shining Blade being run from ISOs using a PSP kernel exploit. This likely means that to run this exploit, you’ll need an exploited PSP game downloaded from PSN. The specifics aren’t known at this time, nor does the developer want them known, but this is a huge advancement for PlayStation Vita homebrew, whether Sony embraces this development movement or not.

Source: Wololo

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Another huge step in the potential of the Vita! The first thing I did with my PSP Slim was "jailbreak" it, so this has increased the "want" factor a lot more in my book, all we need now are some proper games!

I have a sneaky uneasy feeling that the exploit in the PSN game might be easier to patch, being download only, as opposed to on a UMD disc, to close the hole, so we'll have to see...

Jason Stillion said,
"whether Sony embraces this development movement or not" given the reaction to the PS3 breaches after pulling it's support, probably not.

Partially, but I do have a NES emulator compiled from the SDK on my Vita. The SDK is available to try too, so development to some extent is embrace; it's just the piracy side isn't.