PSP "Slim" sells 1 Million in Japan in under 2 months

After only two months on the market, the PSP-2000 has sold a million units in Japan as of Nov. 22, Sony announced. What makes it more impressive is it reached the milestone two weeks faster than the original PSP when it launched in December 2004.

"Along with the ever greater sales of the PSP system, more and more software titles are released, with more than 500 software titles available in Japan alone," Sony said in its release. "Looking forward, many more titles in various genres are scheduled to be released this holiday season from third party game developers and publishers, as well as SCE Worldwide Studios Japan Studio titles. The new slim and light PSP offers more convenience in portability and more choice in colors to match users' lifestyle."

Hitting this number so quickly isn't entirely surprising considering that the PSP-2000 sold 500,000 in just two weeks after its launch and has been in the top hardware spot in the weekly hardware sales charts several times, as well. It will be interesting, however, to see how long it takes Sony's newest version of the PSP to hit that mark in the other two regions.

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I wish I could get a PSP, but I just don't have the money for one now. I SO want to play that Twisted Metal game for the system, I miss that series sooooo much. I would seriously buy a PS3 for a new Twisted Metal game - as long as it had online multiplayer of course. Which I'm sure it would.

Got one recently and admit I was very impressed.

Long battery live 4-5 hours, graphics look great for a handheld, and the multi-media functions (video, image, audio) are very nice.

The PSP <-> PS3 remote control directly, through your home network or the internet and stream audio, video, and images from the PS3 is rather impressive. I was able to have a media server on my pc transcode video to the PS3 which then sent to the PSP.

I bought one of these bad boys. I used pandora's battery and a magic stick to install custom firmware on it. I love it! It feels a lot nicer in my hand than the original and it's much lighter. Very nice.

bought one recently during a stopover at hk airport, and must say it is quite nice.

now playing - warhammer 40k squad command & ratchet & clank size matter. wow.

going to get one of those sony av cable next to see how it looks when hook up to a tv ...

Pippin666 said,
"Original Story @ PSPFanboy" wow I must read this article!


All the Joystiq subsites are "Fanboy" WiiFanboy, PS3Fanboy, Xbox360Fanboy etc.